Due North



A ship in the night

adrift on a lonely sea,

caught between dark waves.


White castles, sculpted

by Nature's determined  hands,

melting in silence.


The pod surfaces,

calling and leaping as one:

wolves with black fins hunt.


Lights, dancing brightly:

luminescence, a spectrum

of ribbons flashing.


Spotted and speckled,

a tooth for a tusk dives deep:

legend of the north.



Alabaster fur,

a living boulder recalls:

"it was colder then."


New-snow face, flippers

softly white, hides on hard ice,

dark eyes round with fear.


A hidden shadow,

ghosts of a people, now gone:

the canoe left bare.


Frozen chunks  unfreeze,

fall with loud splashes and drift –

the ice-land waning.




This is a Haiku collection I created for several purposes, one being to raise an awareness of how our actions as a species affect those we share the Earth with. As global temperatures rise, the Arctic region continues to face one obvious consequence.

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