The Art Peace


If I could change the World

I would paint the colors

of the azure sky and the

emerald grass in our eyes.

I would paint Truth, rustic,

and Faith, vivid yellow!

And Hope--with brush strokes that could

not compare to Starry Night.


If I could change the World

I would chisel the grim

and violent nature of

man, the hijacker of peace,

into an angel set

free from jagged marble  

(as Michelangelo would  

have seen) to reconcile scorn.


If I could change the World

I would free ourselves from

pain and misfortune so that

it may be replaced with art.

For only art can save

us from our bitter past

and bring to life instruments

that orchestrate resurgence.


Perhaps one day, we shall

learn to be the artist

instead of the foul critic;

the creator instead of the

denouncer...imagine that.


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