If I could change the World


If I could change the world, I'd know exactly where to start

I would start with the people who could'nt find their hearts

The people who turn their heads away when someone needs help

The people who succeeds by kicking down someone else

The people who hear the world cry but dare not to listen 

The people who see suffering but never pay attention

To these people I ask where is your heart 

Did it jump off a bridge or disapear in the dark

Did it dive in the ocean or swam for the sea

Did it run away from you and enter inside of me

To these people, I might ask 

What happened to you and why do you show the carlessness you do

Why do you pretend you do not see the world falling apart

Why do you act as thoguh it doesnt break your heart

Why do you hide your ability to care

You have no answer so all you do is sit there

But do not just sit, I am talking to you

I demand to know why do you do the things that you do

Find your heart before it's too late

Take a new action that determines your own fate 

All actions have a reason behind it

Its your heart and it's up to you to find it 









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