Our Not-So-Efficient Future


The society we live in is largely consisted of the latest tech inventions-

Smart phones, computers, tablets, galore.

What most fail to realize is that these gadgets seep deceptions.

The latest trends keep everyone wanting more.


Face to face communication is becoming a thing of the past,

Because it is so much easier to send a text.

The truth is, we’re losing touch with reality- and I want it to last.

The latest addiction to technology leaves me perplexed.


With a plethora of online information to find on the web,

It is hard to think for one’s self.

People are becoming naïve by believing whatever is read,

 And instead of mom, they ask Jeeves for help.


Everyday computers do more and more in our lives,

They almost do all the work for us!

Robots for surgery and talking with Skype,

What if technology fails, where’s the trust?


Everyone is replacing books with iPads and Kindles,

So book stores are beginning to disappear.

Unemployment rates rise as manufacturing jobs dwindle,

Jobs are being lost to machines, and they need to reappear.




This new year needs to bring in change,

Society must not rely so heavily on technology.

An iPhone for a book, I’ll gladly exchange,

So long as technology is handled responsibly.


Have you ever read Fahrenheit 451?

That is where our society is headed.

Instead, grab a ball and have some fun,

Don’t make playing outside something dreaded.


Can’t you see?

We must stop the constant use of technology.

We are dumbing society down and losing relationships, I guarantee.

To an extent, technology owes us all an apology.


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