Change is inevitable. The problem

is finding out life did not change the

way you thought it would or should

have. And instead of doing more,




complain and tsktsk and look away

as we proclaim the world is hellbent.

War, world hunger, human trafficking,

drugs, violence, so many people in




for so many different things. The

harvest is plenty, the workers few

as we fumble in our own situations,

can’t look past our shadows and look




the world beyond the neighborhood,

not even seeing all within the city

walls under the same starry sky.

We seem to lack the ability to




and grasp the concepts of others.

And yet, the voiceless cry out for a

voice, cry out for a change beyond

their ability but not ours. If




world worked together to make

itself a better place, a happier place,

a brighter place, what would it look

like? If a strong seed could take



and grow in our hearts, what could

change? Or a better question is,

what could not change? What and

where are the limitations




us when passion takes ahold? If

we could look beyond ourselves,

do you think everything could change?

Do you think we could even end




It is the very core of what most people

disapprove of. It is what some people

try to fight against, but most sit and

watch because they think they can’t

help, which is what is wrong with





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