If I could change anything,

What would it be?

It's the way my generation has turned out

In this crazy, twisted society.

I look around the classroom

feeling so disgusted.

Wishing I could move away...

Make everything new and adjusted.

Teachers are just doing their jobs,

and they are getting so disrespected.

They are trying to help us

and students' behaviors are so unexpected.

This is not the only issue

that seems to bother me..

Pregnancies, smoking, hickeys, and grades lower than a C...

All of these students and old friends

are not who they used to be.

It's hard to watch someone

that used to be close to you, fall.

Their life is not your responsibility,

but yet we still feel bad, after all.

When I walk around

and look at everybody in the hall,

few fit in here;

we feel so small.

Someday I'm hoping

these issues will be resolved.

Worry in our minds

will be finally dissolved,

and the traps will be busted.

But until then,

I look around the room

feeling so disgusted...

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I really like this poem. And its so true that our generation is completely screwed up. Some people just go looking for trouble.

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