I Promise You


I Promise You,

If you give me the chance

If you let me change one thing

I will restore a never present balance.

I Promise You,

If you let me change the pace

If you let me change one thing

I will destroy our stereotypical views of race.

I Promise You,

A place without bigotry

Ethnicity no longer a deterrent

Allow me to touch on a few particularly.

I Promise You,

A haven where I can walk in a store

Not be followed or questioned

Not assumed to be automatically rotten to the core.

I Promise You,

A world where a hoodie and an iced tea

Won’t make me suspicious to anyone

And definitely won’t cut short my future and destiny.

I Promise You,

An environment where discrimination does not exist

Where your abilities and talent determine who you are

Instead of your skin color…what a plot twist.

I Promise You,

A place where you will not be hated simply because of the color of your skin

A world where people will get to know who you really are

Where people will not deem you as less than before you even begin.

I Promise You,

I will actually give you what America claims to

Equality, Justice, Fairness, Opportunity

I will give you all that they have lied about and robbed of you.

I Promise You,

If you let me change one thing

I will destroy all and every type of discrimination,

So we can live out the dream of Martin Luther King.




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