The World

Fri, 05/09/2014 - 17:55 -- Joecy


Lithonia, Georgia
Waterton Way
United States
34° 41' 57.9336" N, 82° 14' 44.9736" W

You say you want WOLD PEACE

but your not willing to fight

for the one thing you believe

 you think its impossible 

for the sun to shine on everyone a

the same time I believe

we shoud make the impossible

possible lets make the sun

shine world wide lets hep each other,

learn from each other, fight for each other,

and stand by each other there are children

creating oceans with their very salty tears

and all we do is stand by and watch when we should

be helping each other, learning from each other,

fighting for each other and standing by each other

instead of walking away from the ones who need us

we watch as the mother on which we walk on

coughs and gags on what we are feeding her begging

for air that good ole O2, but we ignore her cry for help

ad continue to stab her repeatedly and watch her bleed as we

laugh she slowly dies and to save her we must help each other,

learn from each other, fight for each other,and stand by each other

instead of trying to make it rain cause even paper must evaporate and be moved

to a far away place never to be seen again



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