True Beauty

everyone, listen up, wake up, sit up.
Put on your make up.
Scratch that, who needs that shit you are pretty enough without it.
Not many girls can see that today, instead they are pasting urban decay
on their face, what a waste, cant ya see you are beautiful no matter what race?

Black, white, Asian, Puerto Rican. There is one thing you all should be seeking.

Im not talking about looking for a guy that can love you and offer you affection.

Im talking about providing yourself with your own security and protection.

Who cares about the sales in forever 21 and H&M.

Go put on your ugliest outfit and become your own best friend.

Because the clothes you wear only protect your skin, not the person you are within.

I think it’s about time to redefine the meaning of beauty.
Cause Girls think being pretty is living a life in the city.
Wearing trendy clothes with big sunglasses on but no.
take them off; let me see those eyes, let me see all the pain you are hiding inside.
That’s true beauty, we all have mistakes.
I don’t even know why school photographers offer re-takes.
You don't look ready, you’re about to cough or sneeze,
but keep that picture cause life isn’t a breeze. Look at these to make you feel at ease.
That, my friends is true beauty.
True beauty is laughing at your past. hell, there’s a reason it didn’t last.
So who cares what you were wearing last may.
Did that decision to wear white jeans after Labor Day affect your life in any freakin way?
nah, its all gucci, fendi, prada.
I dont even know why we even bother
wearing all them, you're still as pretty as a gem and don’t need to impress him.

Or her.  So Why don’t you fix your posture, yeah sit up, stand tall. When you feel like your plummeting like a drone, Let your baggage break your fall in the landing zone. Because your baggage is your backbone. It can piss you off and weigh you down.

But aren’t those things that give you the courage to be renowned?

Its time to start seeing yourself in glass that is clear.

so don’t have a fear when you look in the mirror.
you are who you are, fat skinny short tall. why do we all
feel like we need to look like the girls in magazines,
with their pictures next to sex tips and designer jeans.
Look in the mirror, love the girl you see there.
not the one posing naked on the cover of vanity fair.

look in the mirror, love the girl thats looking back.
become bffs like frick and frack.
thats beauty that is true. because girls, noone is youer than you.

Now you can sit down, and take a load off. Don’t feel like you’re a little person in a big world like the Rollof’s.

Take off your make-up, let that frizzy hair down.

Tomorrow rise to the occasion, cause girls its time to see that you’re amazing.



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