If You Only Knew



 Behind these bright eyes, happy face, and childish glow,

are scars deep within my soul.

I may be young but it is not hard to grasp,

what that mean person did hiding behind that mask.

A man who murders, and rapes should not be treated nice.

If you ask me, a few years in prison doesn't pay the price.

People like that should be locked away for life.

Don't agree with me, then talk to the man who recently lost his wife.

Our law system needs to see and understand a family’s point of view.

If the police, and FBI only knew,

how this man's children can't sleep at night because their full of sadness and tears.

They know mommy's killer will be out in a few years.

I know I am young but I know when something’s wrong.

How can we function normally when we know this is going on?

If I could change one thing it would be to respect and love the souls that we lost,

by making murders and rapist pay a greater cost.


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