I wake up every morning
To see those eyes staring back at me

Broken and bruised
Dying and confused

Living every day
Not wanting to live the next
Weighing down
My still-beating heart

Those eyes in the mirror
Whispering coward, hissing weak
As I stare back hatefully
Screaming now or never, hearing the shriek

Of when they find me
Broken and bruised
As I am dying
And they are confused

But I can't bring myself to do it
To put them through that much pain
So I've gotten used to seeing my eyes
That are slowly driving me insane

But then one day
I walked down the street
And saw another
With the same eyes as me

Broken and bruised
Dying and confused

If I could change
One single thing

I never want to see those eyes again
Except in the mirror
Since it's a life I'm used to living
A life I'd be lost without

But it's a life I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go through.


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