Mirror of Society


Mirroring an image society has given,
To be our own individual,
Don't listen to what others say.
Yet we criticize others,
Whether race, religion, gender,  or even sexual preference.
Behind the curtains and the fog the true image is generated,
One wrong step you'll be exiled it's a given.
Puppets on a string,
Notes in a tune,
We trust the media more than the news.
It’s time to change the societal rules,
Is it Human nature?
The greed of wanting happiness,
 Yet still wishing to be pitied?
We all talk of change,
Yet play the same game,
All in vain trying to find fame.
It's time to change the game.
Accept the imperfection
As we try to reach for perfection.
Always thinking what a great life we've been given.
Then crying and giving up,
As we all put on our faces in the morning,
Trying to cover up.
While we look back into the mirror society has given.


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