Hide And Seek [WWYC Scholarship Slam]


Life is a struggle filled with like minds befuddled.
All trying to find reasons to exist.
Many are stuck smoking spliffs and drinking fifths,
But they say happiness awaits to those who persist.

Many have perspired.
Many have conspired.
Few have succeeded,
And many have retired

But I can't give up on hope.
Life's a constant back and forth,
Like an even game of tug of war.
We try and pry and cry until our eyelids are sore

Til' we finally reach our peak
Slowly spread our fingers apart, take a peek.
After being taken to the brink,
Adjust to the light and blink.
The end of this game of hide and seek.


I would like to change how we view the world by appreciating what people do for us on a daily basis, whether they do it intentionally or not. While it is nearly impossible to expect everyone to orally communicate this appreciation to others, the least that society can do is take a step back from the present life we are all engulfed in, and be thankful for what has been previously bestowed upon us, what we currently possess, and what we will receive in the future. Thank you for your time.



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