The Pressing Question

Tue, 02/25/2014 - 21:45 -- TMJ


 Power, is that what it is?

Making people feel insubordinate

Because of your own personal preference.


How about this, close your eyes

And take your mind back to the late

20th century. Families dying and people

Crying because they can’t change who they came out to be.


And you want to tell me that it’s a choice?

 I don’t think genetics work that way.

People love who they love, and are who

They are; something they shouldn’t be afraid to say.


Not to mention we have bigger fish to fry

Poverty, hunger, debt, crime,

Yet we’re still fighting this battle.

My only question is why?


It’s because you need power

You feed off of it like a leech

Creating a problem the average man can’t handle

Like a whale that’s beached.

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