Their Perception of Me

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 15:00 -- Lannaa


Can I change their perception?

And when I say I, I mean us

But us entails but so much

When say us I mean teens

But not just any teens

You know, the one’s with darker pigmentation

You know, the one’s that were brought to America as slaves of the nation

You know, the one’s the majority of the world think will make it no where

Well lets not say no where, maybe to jail or dead before eighteen

But is that the way we all deserve to be seen?

What about the black teens that get good grades?

What about the black teens who’s never been a part of the drug game

What about the black teens who’s only idols aren’t melo and Jcole 

cause not every black teen has a rapper or ball player goal

But they just see another black teen

another black teen who has a gun

another black teen who sees the cops then runs

another black teen who has no goals or aspirations

another black teen who’s a threat to the nation

another black teen who grew up in a single parent home

which somehow means they don’t have the mental capacity to make it on their own

another black teen doing credit card schemes

another black teen ruining MLK’s dream

another black teen skipping school to smoke weed

another black teen with an unplanned seed

another black teen who calls their best friend nigga

but all hell breaks loose when THEY say nigger

i guess with an a its a joke but with an er its a racial slur?

but do any of us know the true meaning?

So I grabbed a dictionary, looked up the word and thought about what we do

I sat back, shook my head and said damn can we say it’s not true

But how we’re view collectively shouldn’t effect us individually

So I’ll make it one day but for now I’ll analyze the world visually

Somewhat ashamed I can’t completely change what is seen

So in their eyes I guess I’m “just another black teen”


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