Open Your Arms to Someone in Need

No one see the sadness in one's eye.

You see anyone can fake a smile

To realize and speak up

To talk to that one person who can not look directly at you, when you talk to them 

They are the ones that need your help the most

For me I tend to be that one person

You see I smile all the time

Laughing so hard no can see how much I'm hiding

No one should go through that

Feeling like they are alone 

I would speak up and tell them, 

They aren't alone

One person can easily save a life by just talking to one, who needs it the most

Everyone has gone through something

At the time when you are struggling

That's when they need someone the most

When one is at their lowest

Don’t let one be deep in their thoughts

Because one’s thoughts can end up destroying themselves

Which can lead them to thinking negative thoughts

Thoughts of not being here anymore

Thoughts of feelings like they don’t belong

Thoughts of wanting to go asleep forever

You see everyone needs someone at one point

Be a friend

Speak up before its too late

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