Moments without direction

Just a moment of our lives,

 Thinking about every second,

Not even caring about the person walking right past us.

 It's all about ourselves time and time,

 Never even giving one second chance to all the mistakes we committed.

 But I just want to see every moment that I failed getting back up to see my reflection,

 And I can't help but notice the black cloud around me surrounding and choking all the answers to my fate.

Now life's just a journey but we don't even know where we're going

 And I guess that it was out of the rules and I wish, just wish, that I could read my story in a book

But I'll never find that on the shelf in a room.

 That's just one thing I wish I could change about the world.

Time and time we found ourselves lost without direction hoping that we all get home.

But no matter where we end up, it's all just the rule of destiny. We don't make the choices; it's all preplanned.

The little power that we possess. And I hope, that one day, someone will invent that special book. All the answers I ever hoped for, lying on page ninety four. 


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