I'm all alone on this rainy, cold and empty street. 

Where have you gone?

Do you still care about me?

Look i see a light on!

I'm limping up to the door hoping to find you there.

A lady opens up the door, and picks me up and hugs me. 

She calls me you poor thing. 

She asks where's your owner and she begins to look me over.

I begin to whimper as she looks me over

I hold my shaking paw up and she touches it a little,

I squirm and whine, and when she pulls her hand back and sees red on her fingers.

She quickly calls for someone to bring her a towel right away. 

Someone i didn't get the chance to see brings the towel. 

The lady wraps me up and takes me to a vehicle and takes off with me. 

We drive for what seems like hours on end. 

All the time in my head im thinking this is just a dream. 

She stop at a building which on I cannot remember.

I black out. When i wake i'm back with the lady and there's a stange circular object infront of me with something that smells good. 

I try to get up and I fall over. 

I look down at my paws and i see that one is wrapped up tight and i cannot move it. 

I try to bite the wrapping but it hurts my teeth and I whimper. 

The lady comes over and pushes the cicular object towards me. 

I tentatively sit up and sniff it, then i dig in and i eat my fill. 

I realize what's happened. 

I was left for dead, abandoned on the street by my master. 

But this kind hearted lady took me in and she became my hero.


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