Fifty Shades of Brown


There is a great divide among Blacks

It is known as, "Team Lightskin" and "Team Darkskin"

So what is this, you may ask?

It's disrespect

It's humiliation

It's segregation

But most of all, it's degradation

African-Americans have fought long and hard to be equal

But we can't even have equality amongst ourselves!

Years and years of trying to bring us up

Only to surmount to hashtags that break us down

But we call ourselves, "brothas" and "sistas"?

This race war needs to change

Better yet, it needs to stop

Stop placing standars of beauty into concentrations of melanin

Stop saying, "You're pretty for a darkskin girl"

Stop making us hate ourselves

Light skin is not the only "right skin"

The right skin is what God gave us

So let's come together

And let's do better.





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