What Would You Change Scholarship Slam

If I had the power to make a change, a big difference

It would be simple, a feeling, to travel a long distance

Around the world, from sea to sea

Spreading the feeling of sunshine and glee

A beautiful day, with nature shining bright

That darkness inside, you no longer have to fight

It’s a feeling, everyone could embrace

A smile, spread across each person’s face

For one day, all your obstacles disappear

You have nothing on your mind, no worries, no fear

Everyone can experience a day of true bliss

To take in the beauty of life, we all tend to miss

To lay in the fresh cut grass and watch the clouds pass by

Or listen to the bird’s sweet melody as they fly high in the sky

With busy days, we miss the little things in life, which are crucial

But despite struggles and darkness-when you look around, life is beautiful

To see the world from a different view for this one day

Will open everyone’s eyes in a new and fascinating way

If I had the power to make a change, a big difference

I want everyone to experience happiness, even just for an instance



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