A Light in the Darkest of Nights


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A Light in the Darkest of Nights.

By: Keila Levis


I see love at first sight.

I see wonders in the sky.

Like an owl, I see the darkest of nights.

I see loneliness, as I spy.

I see a world held by fright.

Stalled by many who chose not to rise.


A heart held by truth.

Like the break of dawn; strong and bold.

Seeking a change in today’s youth.

But not to tell or scold;

Or prolong uncouth.

I naturally will stir the waters.


I will change poverty.

The fury of dark.

I will change brutality.

Shadowed by terror.

I will change the cry of the yearning.

To embellish, and give new sight.


Why make this Change?

To slow down the chaos and the pain

Or to set a difference or to be strange?

Many things are in vain.

To generate transformation.

A young child’s wants always persist.


Like the sun, shining through in the darkest of day.

I will ablaze a light to all who moan.  

Keep this fire in me I pray.

Change is now; change is today.

Again, what is placed in me is stronger.

Mightier, than any power in this world.


Many see the light that shines bright.

Giving new path to all.


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