Together, We are Humankind

We live in a world where nothing is perfect,

A place where each little thing has a cause and an effect.


If I had the power to change one thing,

It would be an idea similar to the dream of Martin Luther King.


Regardless of your gender, skin color, religion, or beliefs,

No one will be in fear, but instead be provided with relief.


I want to live in a place without hate,

Where everyone is born with a crystal clean slate.


There would be no more wars just means of compromise,

As a human race we will all harmonize.


No more hateful stereotypes and hurtful demeanor,

We will all act in a way that is much cleaner.


We live in a world full of anger and violence,

A place where the hatred is loud and the victims are silenced.


If I could change just one little thing,

It would be to just treat each person like another human being.


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