A Rudimentary Change With a Great Effect


If I had the chance to change one thing

To a better world, this change would bring

The eradication of ignorance for discrimination would be key

Freedom from this cage in which we keep


The comment that separates with no truth or backing

That pierced the heart even though reason was lacking

The sword that commanded, or the whip which cracked

All designed to hold us back


But when we educate ourselves beyond cheap shots

The oppressed can learn, and are opportune to rise to the top

These unreasonable actions no longer repress

Racism, sexism, and all phobias no longer an object to limit success


Seeing the difference of others as contribution and not loss

As attributes to a greater team, and not trash to be tossed

Building them up, being polite

And not cursing them, confused and contrite


Advance as a race of humans, not a race of humans advanced

This greater team’s progress will not be to chance

The simple act of ridding ignorance as reason for being derogatory

Will be enough for humans to continue on Earth, writing a better story


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