Banishing the Shadows



Appreciate the thoughts that come to the mind you were blessed with.

The mind that’s capable of flying to the moon and raising a newborn child.


Appreciate the love that you see or share or possess

In your heart.

Even when the canvas appears blank and the spirit in your hands seems too weak to paint the universe with color, appreciate the opportunity to hold the paintbrush.


Appreciate the days in school when your professor instructs you to write an essay or read a piece of literature. At one point in time, your mothers and neighbors were deprived of those privileges. The next time you complain about schoolwork or refuse to study for an exam, consider all the people that would readily trade places with you.


Appreciate the acknowledgment of your existence. While you express dissatisfaction about the clothes on your back or the product in your hair, a lonely boy or girl oceans away dies without a name or public record. A human soul without presence is like a record with no music: lacking rhythm, only blues.


Appreciate the power of your words. Maybe one day you’ll have a vision that needs to be communicated to the world. You long to affect change but you don’t know how to. You compose a poem. Someone invests their time interpreting the lyrics of your soul’s anthem. Your dream comes true. You finally enlighten someone about the art of appreciation.

Change banishes the shadows


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