Take a sip

The cool kids say.

And you do, because it's your life,

you chose it this way.

So you guzzle it down

to your parents' dismay.

Cuz you're "sick," 

and you live in today.


And you send down your chaser,

bad memories erased.

if only you knew,

it's your childhood gone to waste.


You take another, and a third

It won't be me,

that's absurd.

And the poison keeps on flowing

evrything seems OK

as you and your friends put on a silly display.


When later that night you can't stand on your feet,

as your head rests on the porcelain toilet seat.

You liver stops working, your heart skips a beat,

in a hospital bed, death you must cheat.

You are sick

and it's not so fun anymore.


Flash forward 10 years

sitting on a barstool.

Don't have much money, 

you dropped out of school

But what you do have,

goes towards drinking down your woes,

that and child support, for that son you barely know.

And as the bottles pile up, 

they blind you of your mistake

You are sick

And I'm not talking about a headache.


It won't happen to me

It won't...


You want to have fun

you want to enjoy school 

you want to fit in

you want to be cool.


For who?

For what?

Get well.


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