Don't be a Follower... Come With Me


On a road to fame...

Most people would expect to see shame.

Drugs, sex, and violence, stain the lives of the rich and famous.

These "idols" inspire us teens to do the same,

But really, who is to blame?

Is it the press that exposes these wrongs?

Or the teens that blindly follow along?

To grow up at a time like this, means that you can't just do what you see.

Adolescents should not get everything they learn from a tainted TV.

Following this path to self destruction should not be "idolized" 

People need to stop overrating the rich and famous, and realize...

That being a celebrity is not as cool as they think it'd be.

Get yourselves together and come with me...

Down this path that's sure to help you see,

The best person that you can possibly be.

Fame is not the only answer.

Success will come if you recognize from yours or someone else's failure. 

Learn what you can, and take advantage of your opportunities...

Come with me, and I'll help you battle these seas.









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