A Revolution of the Soul

What would I give today

To change the world

To see and hear the call of the wild

And how she cries out in pain


The answer it seems

Is that mankind has gone astray

To not understanding and caring for

The giver and taker away


Makind only takes

 And steals away

Her treasures for personal gain

Instead of valuing it for everyone to enjoy


Poor animals suffering and dying

While man enjoys his conquests

So that they may live another day

Nature cries out "Why my child? Why did you turn out this way?"


So to answer the question why

The answer is simple

Because man is selfish

And not a team player


Man must learn to share

And value things

Without any monitary gain

To listen to mother nature

And her wishful request


"Listen my child"

My caretaker,

Listen to it all

Feel it deep down in your soul


So to change the world around us

A revolution must occur

A revolution to go back to the inner soul


So mankind can hear, feel, and protect nature and all of her folly.






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