Grab, break, abuse

Even if you win, you lose

Picture this:

A little miss, not much bigger than yous

Just wants her dad to give her a kiss

But insead shes greeted by his welcoming fists

She's tryna cover up the bruises, it's useless

All she wants to know is, how could he do this?

Grab, break, abuse

Stab, take, use

What about this guy?

Surrounded by all these lies

And no matter how hard he tries

He can't muffle his own cries

Because he knows what true hurt is

The bullies made him feel worthless

And now he's bleeding, broke and shirtless

And he lays in the dirt,questioning his purpose

Stab, take, use

These vile acts happen across the globe

See an African girl wearing only a robe

Waiting for her next client.

All drugged up because she was defiant.

Or the homeless man right in our back yard?

Or the weird girl in high school who our words left scarred?

Change? Yes, please.

Change for me, you and all of these.

But he change we need is not from this place

The change we need has a name, has a face

But who can change a world of broken men?

Only the one who knew no sin.

The Son of God sent to save the human race

To shower us with amazing grace

To hold us in His close embrace

Jesus is the only change we need

The naked, he clothes

The broken, he feeds

To His death He freely agreed

The Son of God, for us, would bleed

He bleeds for the grabbed, the broken and the abused.

He bleeds for the stabbed, the unspoken and the used.

He bleeds for all of us to be redeemed

A love so deep, it is undreamed

His love and sacrfice wash us clean

The broken are worth much more than they seem.


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