As I look into the World

As I look into the world, there is so much that I can change.

All these problems, with a chance,  I can rearrange.

However, when this chance about,

I find that courage I am without.


As I look into the world, I see pain.

I see all sorts of people standing in the rain.

Whether you are rich or poor, black or white,

Each and every person has a unique plight.


As I look into the world, I watch as the forests dissapear,

I see children dying, their eyes full of fear.

I see bodies thin as a rail,

and so many others who are sickly and pale.


As I look into the world, I see lack of water and sanitation,

so many groups offering help without much participation.

Donate here, volunteer there,

just give me your time and the world will be fair!


As I look into the world, I realize that we are going about this the wrong way.

So many people stand up, but not everyone gets a say.

Instead of guilting the masses into picking up the telephone,

we should inspire them to go to the river of  "need"  and pick their own stone.


As I look into the world, I see people starting young,

realizing what THEY want to change, screaming it from each lung,

the tune of their passion is silenced by realistic adults.

The young run out of breath, collapsed lungs no longer chirping for results.


As I look into the world, I now know that the time has come!

For the young to speak out, ALL, not some.

Don't just change the world, but change your attitude!

Only then, can you expierience the satisfaction of grattitude!


As I look into the world, I see armies of youth, hand in hand,

picking a Cause and taking a stand.

Instead of sitting back and watching,

they pick up the pen of Change and start blotching.


As I look into the world, I see not one man leading reform,

but millions of youth taking the world by storm.

If I had the power of change, I would not change this world, not one bit,

but I to inspire my peers to make a difference, the words of encouragment I will spit.


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