Eradicate the Veil

Sat, 10/25/2014 - 02:53 -- EmberB


What would I change?
Shall I start with the ignorance haze
Consisting of obscuring fear
Blinding people to yell, "The end is near!"?
When they cause their end
And the farewells to their friends
Authors of a story
Puzzle pieces in their glory
Halt to scream their sincere sorry
Hiding with their eyes so wary
As xenophobia blinds them more
They continue to fight to settle a score
To treat their sore
To prove some points
To keep some coins
To hold their power
Until their last hour
What would I change?
Well we have potential
If only we learned
To dismantle each other's veil
To act with "we"
And it starts with me.


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