I was once that vain and bitter child

The one who wept because nothing went right.

Until I came to my senses one night

And realized that nothing In the cry of the cicadas

Says they are about to die.


The universe will unfold as it should,

Going at its own tempo

I was too busy comparing myself with others,

That I almost missed the memo

Luckily, I was reminded by the arms of humbleness

That in life, there will be greater and lesser people than I.

Oh what sweetness, what delight

Therefore I should be at peace with others,

Especially my heart.


Life if challenging, yes it’s hard.

Here we have our inner peace to serve us as an aid,

As we dance to serenade.

With all the disillusion and disenchantment in the world,

We should find the cry to our own life.

But remind us that we’re alive.

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