What Has Happened?


What has happened to the world today?

Where has hard work gone, I say?

Everyone I see has their palm held out.

Waiting for a freebie from their neighbor, no doubt.


What has happened to the world I see?

Why are so few on this side, with me?

I was taught to work for what I need.

Maybe if I scream this it will plant a seed.


What has happened to the world I'm in?

Hand outs, without the funds, what a sin!

Why can't anyone see what I see?

Economy can't survive if everything's free.


What has happened to the world we made?

What has happened to barter and trade?

You can't give nothing and expect the lot.

We can' give away everything we've got.


What has happened to the world outside?

Why is everyone in line for a free ride?

Maybe someone will read these words I write.

Perhaps I'll inspire someone with insight.




perfectly said.

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