Black in America


Dark skinned light skinned red bone yellow bone

What is the meaning of it all?

Beauty divided into categories

This couldn't be what Dr. King died for what Obama is striving for.

Black is simply that;



But here we stand my generation- innovators of the world

Teaming up gearing up for this ongoing battle of struggles we've faced based on the depth of our complexion

A war we ourselves as a community caused.

Team dark skin yeah I hash tagged it.


Flaunting my ignorance I was proud of the midnight silk that laced my being

Unknowing to the fact that I am simply black

The fairest of them all, I am beauty!

They say the darker the berry the deeper the roots

But my roots are not defined by my skin tone


Roots of a tree see no color only growth

Growth that's what I see when I look at the beauty of black

A united front we as whole stand as one of few untamed natural resources

Being black in America isn't a struggle

Ohhhhh no being black in America is a badge of honor

So to hell with the infamous teams of dark and light cause today

We are simply




I wrote this poem last year while watch a segment about colorisim within the black community. Throughout the years I have noticed that while we as a whole complain about the discrimination black people face on a daily basis, we are not as quick to speak up on the discrimination we ourselves dish out to our own people. Regardless of how deep our pigment is we are one race filled with different shapes of beauty.

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