If there was one thing that I could change about this crazy, loud, mean world it would be that there would be no limitations. Limitation: a limiting condition; restrictive weakness; lack of capacity; inability or handicap. Limitation is that thunderous voice that screams in our minds that we can’t, that we are not good enough, and that we were not meant to reach that high. Limitation is the thief of the reason why we came to this world. To learn and grow. By falling we learn to pick ourselves up. By failing we learn to try again. By getting cut down we learn to grow stronger. Some people say that “it is beyond my control” or “I am too restricted” but that is not them speaking, that is their limitation speaking. Our purpose is not to let our limitations determine who we are, but to make our determination determine who we are. Don’t let your limitations misdirect your purpose. While our limitations evade our minds, determination is that soft voice in our hearts that say “I can”.

Determination: the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose. Determination is the release of hurt feelings and worry. Determination is the opening of our minds. Determination is the freedom that no one can ever take away. 

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