Bullied Nation

Feminism means men and women are the same,

not that female idols can expose themselves without restrain.

Young women taking in images of photoshopped girls,

convincing themselves that this is the norm of the new world.

Worthless pop stars singing about "getting lines in the bathroom", 

leaving it up kids to assume that it's cool and they should try it too.

It seems self-respect and dignity are a thing of the past,

while the public points at money-hungry celebrities and laughs.

They feed off of their publicity, they are traveling shows.

If it gets them a little fame and cash anything goes,

Futures going down the drain, so many people feeling pain.

Drugs, young sex, violence are shown to be the way,

but they're destroying everyone little by little, day by day

All the "popular" music awarded for making lives a wreck,

but when honest genres come along they get a bad rep.

Why would I want to raise children in a world like this?

Sometimes it seems easier to disappear and hope I'll be missed.



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