The Fallen Soldiers

Girls raising girls with the burderns of their past on their backs, 

Men in diapers playing leader.

Wayward sons and fallen daughters bleed for the hope of tomorrow,

as tears from the sky fall to cleanse their wounds.

Children in the streets climbing dumpsters for survival,

while parents feed on the sighs of their day.

These are the people with the strength of warriors.

They fall and stand up every day.

They live in struggle and still feel happiness.

These are the people of our nation.

Marginalize is more than just a word to them

We have forced them into a way of life.

Let us change the way the world is and make into new.

Let us build a foundation on the strength of those we consider hopeless.

For their hope is the light in which the sky uses to brighten the day.

We must change the way they are percieved and change the views of many.

For these are the americans that make up the country and these are the ones that unify it.



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