Less Judgment, More Acceptance


In a world so cold, we need to be much more accepting

And teach that to the children; it’s their parents they’re reflecting

We’re all human at the end of the day

Whether we’re tall, short, black, white, straight or gay

We should be more open-minded and not be so judgmental

Let’s lend a hand to the fallen; it’s a lot less detrimental

Say thanks to those who serve; let’s learn to appreciate

Accepting people’s differences will teach us all to tolerate

It’s not our place to judge, let’s not make rash decisions

Our words surely cut deeper than any medical incisions

Let people live their lives; it’s not our life to live

‘Cause our judgments do more damage than a bullet ever will

We should give people a chance to show us who they are

‘Cause we can’t know personalities by judging from afar

Imagine the whole world spreading acceptance as the message

Results would be amazing and all the hatred now would lessen


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