What would I change?


What would i change, to make this world better?

A home for th homeless? Give a freezing body a sweater?

Maybe invent flying cars, for better transportation.

Or have peace around the world, including in our own nation.

All of these sound great, and I want them all,

but if I could only pick one thing, big or small?

Simply maintain our Earth, and stop hatrid for animals,

and stop all people from being cannibals.

You may ask why, why put a stop to this?

Well there is a good reason, that most people miss.

They were all hear first, and this is their planet.

And most people just take that for granted.

Slaughter houses, poaching, and simply neglect,

makes our world a step further from perfect.

Our pets know, that this is their land,

yet they are putting the future of the world in our hands.

Just because we are more evolved and advanced,

doesn't mean we can't give this matter another glance.

Polar bears in the arctic, are shouting for our rescue.

Other animals know, but not of what to do.

It's up to us, the advanced mammals of our Earth,

to take control, and a better home we shall birth.

Love all animals, and love them to your best,

for this is their kingdom, and we are simply their guests.




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