Loose Change


If CHANGE were loose change-

Coins found haphazardly in the seat of a sofa or trapped in the crack of the sidewalk

The world would be a different place

Loose change with little value

But change falls on the backs of the law makers, the president, the pope- its a multi million dollar process

People in high places

Those better than myself- more money, more power?

Does it?

Can change take smaller incriments? 

Is it even effective?

Can the Facebook generation, with hands sweeping over phones smarter than ourselves--

Find change?

Loose change

"It isnt loose, it isnt change, it's expensive and you can't do it."

The generation that finds slut shaming on Twitter

Angry hashtags on Instagram, screaming at a transgender boy

Photoshop those pictures to try to make perfection appear on a computer screen.

Change is what we make it

Anyone can do it.

Change is change

Loose change.

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