New Generation (How I would change the world)


People of today feel so inadequate to the things they love the most

They let the world label and define who they are

They let their past determine their future

They've been told and are aware of the opportunities that the world has to offer, 

what they can do to make the world a better place

But why dont they believe it?

Why dont they step out in action and put their dreams to work?

Why do they doubt themselves?

Maybe a girl has been told she's ugly more time than she has been called beautiful.

Maybe someone has been told so many things that heir not capable of doing, more than being told that they can do anything they set their minds to.

This curse of inadequacy needs to stop.

Lets build up our children's confidence and reassurance that their not less than anyone, they're above and beyond what people think.

Motivate them to achieve

Lets inspire them, and cause them to be an inspiration others

Fathers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers

Lets do all of these things in the world, a city or town

Somewhere before it's too late

It's time to raise up a generation of nothing but champions 


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