One Job May Change My Life

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One Job May Change My Life. No buck can change face to save its life, Funny thing is I'm not yet tryna find a wife, Every May brings a Daisy that just isn't right, Can't apprehend the meaning of a different light,
When an epiphytic thought came to, I knew I would never regret choosing you because I am in awe and that will be shared by many.
"What do you want to be when you're older?"  Heard across as a child Looked over my shoulder and said a job so bizarre and wild   The words came out of my mouth, "A mom and a wife",
Its so easy to lose the meaning of who you are
I want to be a designer. A designer that crafts the world, A designer that becomes untwirled, I want to be a creator. A creator that is resilient, A creator that is brilliant, I want to be a success.
I am the silent tulip,
Actor, business man, football player, teacher- dream jobs, dream goals, different forms, different roles, mind and heart, brain and matter to each their own, in my dream i save the world-
I live in a world where passion lies deep and no one is willing to dig. Pass me my shovel piling sweat and tears, I will dig for not only your souls, but mine. I love you, and passion will be restored.
I am wild. I am spectacular. I am wildly passionate. I am jealous. I am human. I do dumb things. I make a fool of myself. I have a wondering and imaginative mind, I only see the good in people and I'm infatuated with the idea of love. 
Two hands grew five flared fingers, no longer scared. Fear not lingers in my beating heart, perplexed, Prepared. Bice and fore outstretched and flexed I'm edgy for my start
   Bam went the light. We will not leave without a Fight. The coach yells, and off go the bells.    The crowds roar, and the light shone. This was my zone. I felt like a wild boar.
One job could save my life Make me live or make me die Make me happy or make me cry One job could save my life    
Deft in folly,  he's lacking wonder; the banana peel, "There!" Is he to blunder?    Poor Child,  'tis a trance; the echo sounds, "Please!" Has he lost the Dance?   
Thinking your life is right on track, Then a sharp turn sends you spinning off course Slowly and steadily you move back to where you left off As things get back into place, You decide to take e a short cut.
Excruciating Love     Never have I encountered such a plight In which my heart contradicts its morals. Her skin is dun, while mine is fairly light
One job may change my life you see, From streets, to office desk, or sea. There are passions, there are hobbies, Jobs as front desk clerks in lobbies. We work so we may live our lives,
One job that would change my life is teaching a yoga class
Don't tell me you love me Don't you dare whisper that in my ear I will not fall for it  I will not listen
Im grown up, Im grown up, damn it im grown upIm lookin for peter pan, and neverland, but shit I'm a grown up.I want to be free like child to enjoy life
When I walk past the door I smile While others might sigh or groan or pout For I know that this is the place where your life begins. When I hear the bell toll I smile
Sitting at a desk Trying to stay in context Before the big test
    I am the inspiration in a writer’s colorful, exotic, painting. I am the warmth in a fuzzy pair of winter mittens. I am the bright segment of colors in a dull room.
snow falls atop the trees every individual pine assigned their flake to hold hold tight as the wind screams
It was a job for most They were run down, tired, overworked He was different He spoke to me Made math fun School was hard But Math was fun This one time In middle school
Things seemed so simple ,  Life , Money , and Happiness could only get better in time. Who would know life had hard times?
Easy nor Quick. Never Once must I Falter, During The Challange To Obtain Occupational Perfection. The Road Ahead, Found to be Rocky, Yet I must Persevere To Obtain
one job may change my life but what about others? the life I live and the life they live they intertwine if my dream job changes my life how can i change the lives of others
If I don't scream, do I still feel pain? The answer is yes. My pain is real and hides behind walls I do not let it get in my way I stand above it, I show the world that I am stronger
Class Finals
Although you are sound asleep, I lay awake counting sheep. I can't dream of anything better, than picturing you in that ugly cat sweater. Your smile lit up in the dark, you say, hey, I'm Mark.
The curtain closes around a bed of white Beep beep ringing in my ears Bright flashing of fluorescent light As a woman sits there spilling tears   Death is unfair and sadly sweet
Words are dominant and strong, yet dainty. Words bring the thoughts and emotions buried deep in a subconsciousness to life and breath.
The thrill chases the chill
~Prosperity~ Year after year, season to season, We face our fears - with good reason.
Grades determine the the pass or fail Only to be compared   Test scores, standards, standardized testing Only to be compared   No child left behind, yet we all learn the same?
The factor of fear is the greatest factor of all The fear to fly, The fear to fall. The fear to succeed, The fear to fail.  We must risk this fear to optain a higher goal.
The lamp is dim I sit silently as I do every night Creating, escaping Pressing keys at a rapid rate, my work is an adventure Brushing strokes of vibrant colors,
  Honestly My dream job is to be spokesperson As a surivor of sexual child abuse I believe I have a lot to say To stand for And to do   I did not just survive for myself
I didnt know That you loved me We seemed like best friends Your love I couldnt see Pass that smile Pass that face Everything seemed fine Together in place But then i found out
I don't know what my dream job is,  but whatever I do, I want to make a difference. I don't care about earning dollars and cents which I can use to buy a car or a house with a nice, big fence.
Why me? What can I do? Why am I more deserving than others for financial elevation? I’m not.I’m just a girl with dreams of making a differenceBut I want anyway.I want to erode my own name out into history
Money can’t buy happiness  Phrases we live by, without thinking it much Money can’t buy happiness  But problems can be solved For us who an education seek
Not knowing where to turn, not knowing who to trust , just an empty side and just an empty heart filled with sorrow and emptiness . Your head tends to turn in opposite directions not knowing who or
While wishing upon a star You stopped to think of who you are A person who has school as the main equation 
Lately, I've been thinking Thinking about what? The future.  What my future can be. Is it realistic? Of course not, anything imagined or dreamt of is not realistic- That's not rather positive
High School always been a cham Now it's coming to an end  College is coming what's done? What's planned? You got to get your head out of the sand. Go out an apply see what you can do
The yearning of comfort leaves me empty and alone; thirsting emotion and unique love. As does waiting for that first intimate moment shared in a kiss; the simple, yet monumental knighting of womanhood in America.
Scribble. Scribble. Line.  Loop the "L", rewrite. Make it neater.  More Scribble. Pause. Reread. Does it work? Does the emotion work? Does it clearly represent the charachter?
There are many jobs, many fields, many choices. But there is only one for me and one alone. This one is a job that cares for people through knowledge showing compassion,
There's so much to be done To this planet of ours The pain and the hurt Suffering as hot as Mars   The beauty that surrounds us Now covered in gunk Slimed over by humanity
I am not an artist. I am not an athlete. I don’t have a way with words. To some I am a literary architect. To others a tortured soul. But to those few who know me, a regular teenager.
In the darkness you will find my heart, or what is left after i fall apart. it's only natural to fall off the edge once more it's happened everytime before. In the daylight you find my soul
What are you thinking? President Lincoln? About the American Revolution this weekend?   What are you thinking? Jay Gatsby? Abut How F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote you very sassy?  
I never thought having your own opinions about life could be thought of by others as a bad thing. That was until athiest, vegetarian, and gay marriage supporter became very important defining factors that describe me, and the way I feel a
I want to learn the art of reminiscence in collaboration with meditation and the blessings bestowed upon me. Does the mind not hold the soul? And the brain the body? I want to innervate creative minds. Do all nations hold such a service?
Who am I? A question many have pondered and few have Answers for life, answers for what's right Career paths and decisions swarming in my head Creating this congestion  Blocking Block
How am I supposed to smile when this world is wild? Got us locked and stocked and blocked up like no phone dials. With little to no style I don't even want to dress.
I yell to the stars but only the clouds hear me  I stomp my feet but the ants dont fear me  I cry but no tears fall  I reach out for help but noones there  Crying out help but the people just stare
Everyone watches but   no one sees. what is happening to me? Something sits on my chest but I see nothing there. Why can't I breath? It comes from nowhere. The shadow grows in my eyes.
When I was younger And the stars seemed far away I used to revel in the gold encrusted words Of my parents I used to hang from their vowels And dangle from their consonants
When the air is filled With excitement and thrill, The Day has just begun.   When a child that frolics With daisies and lollies,
J. O. B. Is it work or is it something free? Is it something I do or something i can be? The Job that will change my life is something free. When i mean free I dont mean pricewise
Beep. Beep. Beep. The heart rate monitor rings Tick. Tick. Tick. The clock chimes with endless cruelty Thump. Thump. Thump. The doctor's footsteps haunt the halls
Did I make the right decisions in my life? 
I will not be defined by what size I wear I am not fat I am thick 
Squeaky white tile floors  White walls  Lumpy beds This is where I belong Among the wounded, among the sick Never turning an injury away Whether it be plain to see or not
Driving down a road  Scanning every detail.  Maybe we'll spot a toad  or even something with a tail.    We'll hike through the forest  or find ourselves in the Amazon. Unable to rest, 
This is it, What I have been preparing for, The dream I held onto when thoughts of being an astronaut or a princess were lost somewhere in a seven year olds mind. I have been working for this my entire life,
My dearest poet, do not study for hours another's poetryfor you will hinder your wordsRich painter, do not gaze in a fellow's perspectivefor you will stifle your perception
I am not a fool I'm only himan And I'm bound to make mistakes Understand I've always had what it takes What it takes to love you And what it takes to stay with you Yeah I might have been hurt
Once upon a dream She lived Lavishly, Where happiness felt clean To the soul of purity  Invited all in unity They laughed endlessly Enjoying the offering of peace  In eternal divinity
I'm pouring out the water. Holy from the tap. But they want a sweeter version.
If I could, Spit lyrical scipture in the form of a crossover Break ankles and mend hearts  Travel the world  And write spirit inspired art Oh the dream Through God, that world change is a reality
She sits on rooftops, like a bat in the trees Patient for them to close their eyes So she can take all that they have Only watched by the pale moonlight No remorse is felt
No man shall choose another’s destiny Gods among earth we are not My work will drive me as far as I let it For this is where ambition and wishing will split Humble actions influence outgoing impacts
Am I pretty? When you look at me what do you see? Of course, you see the way my thighs rub together when I walk.
My first appointment of the day Is little boy Tommy who is always scared. All I want to do is help educate him. Hopefully he comes in prepared.   She is going to think I'm lazy
Walking the dreams of something that will never come true
What is life if its not what you do? Jobs here, jobs there just stacking up like entires of a resume, but none defines me but what if? instead of saying: "I work at.." I say "I am"
In the hallways of my school, some girls think they're cool, while the guys only drool.   They cough and they scoff, but I want them to back off.   I hide my feelings
If there's one thing in this world that can bring true happiness it would be showing  and telling and helping others toward true greatness.   To educate and build
I want to be a star, a movie star. The main attraction of my film.
My life would change in a flash Simple as someone turning on a monitor Then the CPU Waiting for it to boot up Going into the archives Then, finally Adding a new profile
As a child we grow up knowing exactly what we want to be when we actully grow up   A fire fighter is what I wanted to be The red lights and water is what excited me     But the tragedy of 9/11 also frighten me
Job isn't something that's given Job isn't something that's a gift A job Is a life a choice Everyday you wake a smile on your face Job may change my life is Giving back o those who can't do for themselves
When we are young
A color Changes the whole game. An accident  Causes a beautiful "new world order".
I am not complaning, but I live life in struggle Every corner that I turn, missing pieces to my puzzle Since bullying exist, l've  lived life in a bubble. I wasnt affiliated with it, I never really got in trouble.
I want to be unknown.           I want to be quiet, I want to be sheltered.
All too often Decisions are based on material goods Money, living comfortably, providing for family But Are you happy? Listen to your parents, but carve your own path
I need a job that could change whole life And maybe then will shit start going right I wouldn't have to be worried about my moms Or my sisters and brothers crying about the lights going off The water and the cable
Philosophies Drift amuck in a waterless world Catching on to anything Within hand’s grasp   We strive to find purpose To stake our land To hold our place To say “we were here”  
It can be any of them. Just please give me one. They don't have to be playing Frozen; the job doesn't have to be fun.   I want to sweep the floors, take your tickets, show you your seat,
America's highways are all Route 66 America's highways are all Route 666 Why'd the hobo cross the road--to get the other side Dotted yellow line a new kind of divide Thumb out, took his last free ride
It's like everytime I tell someone my major they respond differently They scream "YOU CAN'T!"
one job...may change my life Who could ever make a true statement to me? saying that i can never choose what  i will be!
Tangle me in the bleeding, throbbing, messy knot of emotion Command me to help, to aide, to care And you will see a machine unable to process a garbled voice command The Mind barking orders to the comatose heart
Failure is not an option, as my soul has been catapulting towards this dream since I could mutter the first words of my existence.
Creativity. Creativity. Creativity. The sole thought rattles my brain day in and day out,
What Do I Want to Be ??? By: Lauren Meshack
My dream job will change my life, Not just mine, but of those around me. My dream job is in the medical field And I would be helping people indirectly. No having to deal with neither blood nor body excretions.
There's a road in the meadow parting it left and right a side where the sun rises and the other for the moon at night and now I have to choose the side I belong to
if i could be anything in the world, free of bindings and seeking only my heart and happiness, i'd be one who fills the world with their heart and imagination.  
I am a speaker, an advocate. I wonder if my nerves will get the best of me. I hear a trumpet in the distance, proclaiming my victory.
Thunderous applauseA steady, continuous chanting of my nameThat's what I live forThis is what I want
I'd like to be a master of a different type of wave,
I have been told To walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes If you want to understand anyone better So I wanted to know my mother, and father too Only to realize from the start-they had no shoes
A poor land wih rich culture,  Sick people with healthy minds I bring with my knowledge, my skills, my optimism, my stethescope And hope In their eyes me patients have sickness, sadness, loss, and despair
While everyone else wants to get famous or be on TV,  I just want to cook and serve food different from the what the eye can see, Hot saute pans and seasonings, Desserts and fresh bread,
Fighting the fight one day at a time Problems keep arising, repeating like rhyme Keep your head up, more important knees strong Scratch them and bruise them when days seem long The goal a good life
My memory is flimsy, weak to the remembrance             but…   Never forgotten are the sentiments that cause my heart to cry   Savory veracity Appeal to my palette
I need a career that engages my mind and heart Filling my time with challenging joy And making the most of my employ
When you walk in, You hide your fear, You fist your hands
  My passion is children. But my heart lies with helping others. My dream career; Takes heart and dedication
Nurturing patients and helping them heal.  Using knowledge to help cure patients quickly Reassuring families with sick loved ones Saving lives everyday Enjoying the impact you make on others life.
Eyes closed … Breathing deep,
someone once told me “you must be brave with your life so that others may be brave with theirs.”   brave with my life.   i see two things.
They are waiting I am waiting I don't know them, they don't know me, But we are waiting for each other.  I have prayed for them already. I want to be a missionary.    All my life I've
Lights! Camara! ACTION! You don't have to be an actor, for your workplace to be a stage.  Just give me a desk and a computer and I'll show you my magic.  Dreams have a way of creeping out into reality. 
Children The soul's simple essence The proof of our presence   Children Feeling forgotten Mocked, chided, and beaten   Children Sticky and stumbling Funny and frightened
My dream job is an open door it's what I'm paying all this fucking money for My dream job is Graphic Design It'll be some time before I get it in line, 4 years of school and $100,000 down the drain
I say science, and they see an endless stringof binary code and digits in single file,test tubes and lab ratsand my eyes dead like mindlessness, likea love of creationcan be muddied up
Faces of cursoriness, envy, hope, and excitement controls the room Wanting deeply to get the latest Some are trying to get a promotion on their first day Well respected eyes gleam of desire to be the one in all elitism
  They say, “travel the road less traveled”. I say build your own road and make you own path.
Singers, celebrities, artists, Concerts, shows, events… Famous or unknown, Advocates or critics, Succeeds or failures. The importance of promotion, Right management and development.
I look around and see broken faces. I look around, and see people who want To go places but don’t know how to get there. I see little kids, ten-year olds, teenagers, adults
The Test   Tests to attend college, tests in college   Tests in medical school, skills tested as a resident   Tested to see what it takes to become a doctor,
My yellow brick road is outlined
"How are we feeling today?" "How much have you eaten?" "Let's check your weight." "Have you ever hurt yourself?" "Are you hearing things?" "Are you seeing things?"   An interrogation
Brian Guex Greater purpose then myself One job to change mine and others life To preach to the adults of tomorrow greater meaning Something that does not require a knife
There was always that one question we were asked growing up, "What do you want to be when you grow up? At the time many possibilities crossed our mind. A fireman, an astronaut, a policeman, a doctor...
I wanna act like you're gonna understand what I'm trying to say and relate But truth is empathy seems to be dying, wasting, and endangered We're all facing different demons No one to go to
  One job may change my life   “The thing about pain . . . it demands to be felt.” As I look around, I see it:
I want to go into business and economyMake some money and change the way people thought of meI'm tired of people thinking I can't do it like I'm just an act of comedy
Late at night I slave away, my fingers feeling raw My weary eyes are drooping fast, my knuckles at them claw.   Why do I put myself through this?  This never-ending toil?
Yes I have one job in mind to create a generation that no longer is blind changing the perspective of things that are left to be neglected that other america no one cares to see but feels sorry for that other america the teens live in, the one th
It can't be done. You can't act in films. You're from Missouri, where dreams grow to die, like weeds under the sun. They shout so loud, it bounces off the stars, meaning I can't even sleep to dream at night.
When I was supposed to be young and carefree, my friends fell in love too many times and fell asleep to nursery rhymes. But not me.   I grew up fast and realized that life isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.
If I could have one job That would change my life What would it be? I could be a doctor A lawyer Or an astronaut maybe?
All eyes on him. Hopes and dreams and money that screams to succeed; all lie on his shoulders. The weight of scolders in the rival stands and prayers from believers. No time for a breather,
Sit and watch the darkness fall, Ambition calling, call, call, call.Answer, Answer, doesnt she hear? 
I Wish   We all have certain things we wish, Certain things we wish to switch.
The natural foliage creeping down the counter, Draping over the polished tanned walls. Reflecting ergonomic finesse, Cleanly tracing the muscular lining, Of a fresh carcass.  
Once you turn your face heavenwards; To engage in daily conversation that is, to return to Earth, merits a physical un-tilting of the head; from the angled to the staid, erect position, eyes intently glazed over.
One job may give me hope. One job may define my life. One job; the chance to change my future.   One place, North Carolina. One place, the destination of my growth. One place, the animal sanctuary.
I used to be a weird little girl Who'd rather play with lizards than pearls. In the fifth grade I had an obsession with tigers Almost as strong as Napoleon with ligers.
Savinig lives daily,  Protecting them from the end,  My job is to save
Since I was little I was always asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Me and my silly self would say " A super model, a popstar, a model." Never did I know I would finally have to choose,
Is it crazy to dream,  Is it crazy to dream that we can have what we want,  Through all our strugles and everyone's taunts,  I can achieve my dreams but money always seems be be an issue,
The screaming and crying.  The tears and fears. The cold hospital hallways seem so long. Children sticking close to whom they belong. "Its ok" I will tell them, 
Mahmoud A true story   My mother and I stood in the Afghan refugee camp Solemnly and nervous, I stared as they stared back "This is where I came from," she said to me
Though not a poem in its natural vein,I expect my dream job not to be in vain.Something where I can be myselfBut probably also build a few shelves.Yes my dream job lies in architecture
Life is not easy to give. Impermanent like the soft wind that caresses one’s cheek. Convoluted like the active glomerulus inside both kidneys. Dense like the bones wrapped in muscles and skin.
My one chance  My one chance to go college  My one chance to have my dad back in my life  Where he can say that he is proud of me  Without putting up a fight 
Question, helps me see the problems that lie ahead, research, shows me the information on what is to come, hypothesis, gives me hope for what there may be, experiment,
We all have a goal in life, Become a ballerina, baseball player, or be in the circus. My dream is to become a National Geographic photographer.
I want to touch the soul, with words that sounds like gold. I want to hold the world's feelings in the words of my notes. I want to behold the power to have my written word uncontrolled.
Chef in Training by: Rebecca Palhano That moment I found my dream!
Fuel it                 veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Move it                 lunges, Zumba, Yoga. Ease your pain                 heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Change it all.  
What job would change my life?I honestly have no clue.I don't think much of work or how it impacts my life.Instead of thinking about how a job can change my life,
I can see me Kicking it in Nashville Strolling down Music Row Willing to shake some hands Make some deals and become part of the big show Working backstage at the concert of the season
Extractions, fillings, and drillings Placing crowns on pearls Brightening a future Bracing the serpentine white line Cleaning away remnants of the past All just parts of my soon to be dream  
Progress originates from science; Science from the minds of great men and women. To become one of them Is to become a part of the future.   My future will consist of The advocation of others' futures,
With enough determination, a meaningless word is fate; I wish for myself better, for things to be eventually great. That was a silly enough rhyme, but the words are still there.
Just one job could change my life, Make me rich, or help me find a wife
 I’m lost. I know that much.
Doors on either side, Endless forward and backward. I need to decide which door to go toward. I know what I desire, But what door it's behind is a gamble. Knowing which one is impossible,
Michelle Guex My One Dream Job   The lights shine down on me I might not be as famous as Whoopi
All I need is the opportunity, I seek the help offered to me. All I want is to change a life. I need not strife.
The greek symbol Delta. To people of science it means "change". Whether good or bad, we swear by it and follow it as it leads us to mind-blowing technologies. I too follow the symbol to greatness.
I just want to get under your skin By the letting you know right now ...theres gonna be a lot of  blood right now but don't worry you won't be able to see for you will be in very deep sleep my friend.
The pain in their eyes is too hard to bare  Their pride in the way of future success Cryptic views from everyone around  Seems like all they want to do is bring you down 
If there was a single job to change my life it would be the job of a skilled engineer. Not only would the pay satisfy my wife i could enjoy a long and fruitful career.   
I want to be an illustrator A children's book decorator I'll see my creations on the paper And that will change my life   I want to be an animator And someday become the creator
I've got six sources of dreaming, clear The words all tumble bright, and fear Is choking cloaking, smogging roping Round my throat and twixt my ears. What am I doing here? I'm learning phonetics,
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" The question is asked of us Year after year.  As we grow older,  It comes with greater frequency: Month after month,
Dream Job? How about a dream feeling?
“All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts” - William Shakespeare
Cut the cowhide into pointy ovals. Sew the cut pieces inside out. Steam them so they can be soft enough to turn. Lace them precisely to throw tight spirals. A football now has life.     
Becoming a chief executive officer can change my life. Competition is what I'm seeking for and achieving my dreams will keep me way from the thug life.
Nirvanna is what I seek; the Paradise thought lost, the Great Hall   Let me dig, let me cram crawling through flickering passages Hollowed tombs rich with an era Tongue tied tumbling over guttural grunts
Women have the opportunity, to have the power they so desire. I rise above to shine in the eye, the peculiar, curious eye of society. I shine as bright as the sun with the job I have just won.  
Working to live, not living to work Trading their life for money, instead of love Secretly longing to give their life for a cause Yet they’re too sick to even walk 2 blocks.  
I dive deeper Into the numbers and letters and When I come up for air, Nobody knows where I've been but Me and my secret coded feature It's everyone's and it's mine.
maybe maybe i'll find that dream job
1. While watching a documentary in class I heard the term American-Japanese war in an interview over B-roll of the bombing of Hiroshima
One job may change my life I want to teach others to be bettter One job may change my life I want to change other's lives through that job One job may change my life The only job I want is one of impact
Creamy smoothness under your fingers Curled up; cat-like Minutes ticking by the world surrounding you has vanished It's only you; eyes devouring piece by delicious piece word by beautiful word
Some said to pick a job One that made lots of money Others said to follow your dreams Even if it won't make millions   I wanted it all, I did A nice house and car, A husband, a family
Many many nights When I dreamed of going to the wild Looking at different species, different plants, different people Sometimes dreamed of being a caveman Feeling the nature, with my whole body
Never want to sit down    Wild and freeThis is how it needs to be     Please dont cry
There was a girl in hospital.   “I’m a monster,” she kept saying.   “If you’re a monster, you’re the prettiest monster I’ve ever seen,” a nurse told her.  
Greeted with a smile And a motion to the seat, This wasn't what my friday night plans had entailed.  Brick white hollow walls Surround me. A rather comfy leather couch  Beneath me.
I don't know what I'm going to be or where I'm going to end up or what I'm going to see I wish I could have all the answers, but I don't, and I never will
In a new studio
“Wow, what a psycho” Says the girl sitting next to me. How clever she is Laughing at the uncontrollable misfortune of others.  
Walking down the street I see them Picking up the trash off the street  Without them I wouldn't have somewhere to walk Without them, my life would change   Walking into school I see them
Dream World Starts with Dream Hope Dream Hope  Starts with Dream Job.   Asking who I "am" is not enough Asking what I "want" isn't mypurpose  Now, "Development" that's what I "am."
I close my eys and visualize my future,  a future where I am taking care of animals,  curing their injuries, making sure they are okay.   Dogs wagging their tails, cats mewing from their cages, 
I don't know   How can three words small as can be, scare the living sh*t out of me?   It's hard to admit, but harder to ignore that once I graduate,
If you think you are lost Then you are not alone For fear of failure Is not very known   We all reside with it ticking away But rare are those 
The type of job which would change my life is becoming a famous author. The way becoming a famous singer would change my life is everything I did the public would know about. I wouldn't really have a free moment to myself.
“You can be anything you want to be—a doctor or a lawyer.”My father was a math man, a mad man; definitely not a family man.I was a dreamer, an idealist; a girl tormented with wanderlust and impatience.  
There are 77,600,000 girls around the world who do not attend school.   Not 77,600,000 children or adults or people all put together.
Thanks for the car mom and dad But I need more money for gas I'm still mad that you made me take out the trash   Thanks for letting play soccer But my cleats are old, I need a new pair
One job may change a life So, shoot for the stars What do you have to miss out on?  You'll never know what could be Until you decide what it will be  
When I was young I wanted to become a chef but that thought changed ever since i knew death I realized I wanted to help people so I aimed to become a nurse knowing that I would have to study everyday like a curse
We all know the story of Adam, Eve, and the apple she bit which damned every generation. Because of that, I'm afraid to take risks. I might as well say I'm afraid to live.
As a child, I act- innocent eyes capture imagination Seeing worlds adults cannot see, blind to the beauty Days comprised of dreams- of Prince Charming gallivanting confines of castles,
The sick and the dying, The needy and the hopeless, Who do they look to for aspiration? The strong and the immune, The lucky and hopeful, Who do they look to for guidance?
A life of tech, that's what I dream. I see the future, and I see it teem, With PCs and wires and all kinds of stuff, But for the average person, it's more than enough. Me, I will work, to be the man in charge,
Business/Finance major, aint no yelow brick road. Its going to be tough, but I aint gona fold. Im going to be a CEO, getting that paper, Watch me rise to the top, like an elevator. Haters - all the support I need.
His hands are long and spindly;
All my life, it's been You point the way, I'll get us there. I'll struggle through, and reach the goal. I can overcome any obstacle, but don't know where to start. Today, I take the wheel.
Give me information, I will create a vision. Give me facts, I will get their attention.Tell me what you want them to know. I will create a picture with your ideas. 
ONE JOB. . . One hope, One ambition. Is what we are made to choose, during our high school days. Before we are 18, and can legally smoke. Before we are 21,
I want it I really do. It is just really hard. I do it because I have to. I wake up every day with a smile on my face. It hopes of one day obtaining what I need. I tell everyone that I will succeed.
I am a flower in the desert, holding out for the rain. The sun has been hot and taunting, mocking my goals and my name.
"It's just a dream." "It's just a dream." "You never will be that." I beg to differ. I beg to be different.  I am different.  It's a woman's world out there and I am woman.
One day you became serious
The child is young, and so am I. She tries so hard just not to cry. I hold her hand and count to three As the doctor puts her to sleep. "The pain will soon be gone," I say, As we whisk her gurney away.
I dare you to be a woman of your word.
This war Is about blood, tears, and death This war Sees a little child heave a last breath But there are no guns, no bombs No battlefields that we can see For the war rages forever on
Every day From seven o' clock to three o' clock Was hell without exception I dreaded those long hours that seemed to stop time Watching the hands move in slow motion Because I felt it was without purpose
13 years in a public prison, 4 years of undergrad studies, 4 more years of medical school;   Countless hours studying, Procrastinating, Working; Countless dollars towards fees-
  “Miss, may I show you to your suite”
I am The Old One - the mixture of feelings, care and pulsing knowledge that turns insane.
if one job could change everything,
If I could be whatever I wanted to be I would heal the sick and set them free. I would care for them until they are not in need Of me to love and to care and to feed.   If I could be whatever I wanted to be
  One Journey, one road, one story? No. Exploring, doing more, and expressing my inner joy is my future job.
A job that will change my life is teaching. Teaching helps kids learn about themselves  which in return can help me. It can help me find who I am as a teacher as well as a person. Simple as that Complete happiness in life. Peace
Accounting will change my life My favorite job Lots of money I would make.
  Hmm so I ponder and wander and wonder  What will I grow up to be in is life of mine?
Sharing the knowledge of my obtained wisdom With young minds, eager to learn and flourish Is the most noble of desires that can be had
Achieve Four small siblings
One job may change my life. One look of a kid. One smile.   Teaching is what i do best. I thrive on the production of ideas.   The simple understanding a child obtains
The deep lays beneath, the salty swallows tempting me with their gushing, feverous eyes, above only billowy satin, such promise and demise,   I stand on the weary cliff so many others have trodden before,
They say that hatred is a fireThat eats at your insidesAnd it isAlong with jealousy and ambitionAt times it seems I carry all of theseBut I've learned to push down my angerTo be content with what I have
Flower child sing Raise your voice to the sky Let the world know You don't deserve to die   Flower child dance Don't hold back at all Let your talent show Please don't fear the fall
I am a cre
The job of a poet Is what I seek But it doesn’t feel possible Hoping for just a peek A glimpse of what this job entails As I stumble back and forth Back and forth We attempt to push and pull
I’d like to be a dragon, Breathe fire from deep inside Or maybe a crazy super hero Who would never run or hide Or even be a shining knight With the princess by my side  
What is that one job that will change my life? How can I know? But I know that the job that will change my life will give me a chance to show my skills, allow me to express my thoughts with no fear,
In these days we all have a dream Sleeping, working, or eating ice cream Even I have one, and that's a job    Most people would doubt my wish But nonetheless I will accomplish
There is some correlation  between the terms charter, statue,  and regulation.  They all counterpart  the demeanor  of our great nation.   From the Egyption era 
Ever since I was a little girl I have been asked a simple question What do you want to be when you grow up? It really isn't that simple. I think I have it all figured out. My dream is to become a nurse
People hurrying, scurrying past, Can't be bothered with a smile.
Since I was a child I can remember always staring into space for a while, Always thinking of something creative to write in a way to express my deepest emotions,
Helping children achieve greatness Helping kids become their own person Helping children move up in the world Helping the world and others around Helping make a brighter future for kids
A Grammy for the best engineered album of the year is where i could say my life would be complete Maybe even a nomination or 2  for that category would be sweet  A few years in college studying sound 
No one should have to give up their dreams because of where they're from, How much their parents make, Or just about anything else. Everyone deserves a chance to try to make a difference in the world.
There's a certain eloquence of deed A satisfaction beyond bewilderment You can tell me that I can't And that I won't But there's a drive in my heart And no breaks in my step  
  A picture of the future, fuzzy but becoming clear.  Knowing what I want, but questions remain.
This one job, may change my life. This one job, may change your life. This one job,  may change the world.   That one surgery, can take my life. That one surgery,
Those gifted hands, Bathing in antimicrobial soap and water, Clothed in radiant latex sterile surgical gloves.
Wow how crazy ..I am at this place again of choosing ..seems pretty difficult ..theres so many choices out there...what's the best?...well in my eyes complete a job is to help others and what better way to do this....then share s
To change the world That's what I'll do One letter at a time One word One stanza One very long novel One writing at a time   To change the world That's what I'll do
         1. The Path to Becoming a Teacher is...
               Feeling like  I could make a change in games by making something people will feel their ideas came alive in the game as well.
When I grow up, I want to build castles I want to ride dragons and cast spells and go on quests. I want to crown kings, sew gowns for princesses, and cast a curse over a land far, far away.
Looking back through thin pages of history Human lives flash in quick succession, condensing years into a paragraph Powerful kings into a sentence Six lifetimes of work into a footnote Forgotten. Almost.
Pick up the blade and dig it into me.  Gasp and then I begin to bleed. Sweet release, dripping down my arm. Pick up the bottle, shake it in my hand, Swallow pills, as many as I can.
The art of making someone anxious. The art of making someone cry. The art of making someone fear you. The art of necessity. The art of not creating a smile. Dentistry.
To visit far off lands To see things I've never dreamed This is my dream To change my life With just one job To allow me the resources  To reach these dreams This is my dream
To change someone's life There a million ways it can be done But I think of mainly one To be a therapist I would heal the soul And I would receive constant self-achievement from this goal
I searched long and hard, Looking for a job that could help me on my way, The one that accepted me was long and hard, It made me want to look for another and possibly take it easy,
She is the sun coming up in the morning. With her, comes the light and the knowledge.   She is the co-pilot, helping me to fly the plane.   She is the host, setting the table for quests.
I want to find aliens, Not slimy green creatures with prowling big eyes.  I want to find a human form in the sky.  Planets, on Planets, on Planets and stars What is life could exist on Mars
I entertain the thought of future and sit for what seems days in meditation Over what I could achieve, mind occupied with occupations, And tend not to dwell on the confinement of dreams strictly to my dreams,
A candidate No, the candidate the perfect candidate   climate change yes it's happening, yes it's urgent   immigration be humane   war on drugs
I have fireworks inside me with special patterns:  Sapphire stars, scarlet plaids, lavender polka-dots.  They explode.  Treking the course-grained rocks at Topsmead State Forest. 
The piano sits in the living room begging me to play an endless tune. But my mind inside me booms saying "why doubt so soon? Music isn't that great, remember Math is what pays,
There's no money in music, I know, that's a dead end career.  I can see you as a wonderful biomedical engineer, dear,  from every mother and teacher and father and neighbor.  Stop making all that noise, they say,
Since we were born, we are asked one thing, When you are grown, what will you be?  
To be an Opera Dramaturge   Opera Not to sing but to hear To breath and surrender To understand To be confused   Dramaturge Not to act but to read The libretto
Imagine how the world could be Something or someone can make a change  A positive force leads to a possibility  Smiles are the reaction    The Job for me would to help others
Dreams Funny how they float just out of reach Just past the tips of fingers the grasp of belief. Just as the bird will hop and glide, the dream will follow
Wam, bam, this WORLD is oursThey told us we couldn't do but they were liarsTo express ourselves through jewelry and clothesTo finally be able to take a load off and be oneself
The path to success is paved with commitment and desire,
What is a teacher? Someone who can change the world. Not to become a preacher, but to alow those bound to break the mold. Confusion is ripe in society. Education can wipe the messy window clean.
"All the World's a Stage," And we're just actors, right? But it takes more than actors To bring a show to life.   I was a little starlet Born to sing and dance; Born to thrill the audience
I've been spat at, Told I do not belong, "Get out of my country foreinger" "You are an abomination! The trash that crowds our streets" All because of my dark tan skin, My slight lisp and faint accent,
Facing reality, facing conspiracy, facing humanity I that what it is? Dealing with cruelty, judged down by royalty How can my heart win? Shaken by words that mean no harm Cause all I have are my scars
Life is all about exploring  Reflecting on who we were Learning about who we are And discovering who we want to become We're forever growing and experiencing,  Working to make something of ourselves 
One job One decision One step   In the blink of an eye
The world is full of peculiar things. Sights which only the utmost curiousity can bring. Beauty all around us seems so sing, Be who you are and you will see. Do what you want, because what you want to be
I first witnessed it on television.It could not be reality.I saw it in my own neighborhood.It was reality.I knew that there had to be a change.This became my reality.
I used to dream about working in the theatre drowning in the adrenaline rush from performing, from making people happy. But I learned that is not for me. I still need, though,
Vivid lights beam down from a ceiling housing thousands of cheering fans. Cheekbones corrupted with smiles give way, some hidden by active hands. A beating heart within, so eager to emerge from the cage that condemns it so
The ability to touch the sky Fly with the birds the angels A dream of all the flight To fly one must innovate improve Try Try Try Until at last takeoff is achieved
I want to sing For millions to hear So they'll all sing back And unity will become clear I want to sing  Not for me For the souls in need To feed the hungry With the money
I dreamed of being a super hero To have my name in the headlines every day Reality crushed my dreams when I was just seven  I had to accept that I was never going to wake up with super powers
Upon the page that bleeds my thoughts, my future stares back in strife. It’s a jumbled web that has caught me within the spindles, letting only me seek control of its ways.
Catch a criminal. Give a victim closure. Uphold the laws of the country. I can do that with my dream job: Prosecuting Attorney This one job would be my world. It will make my like have real purpose.
Fate's been kind to lead me here So far, so close to childhood home Three years gone an eon ago No sign of that boy is left to show   Two graves were dug, one loved, one not
One Job May Change My Life. But I may Never know. The man asks me " How will You pay?" And I reply " I don't know". I weep recalling all my hard-work, all of which will never be known.
My dream job is unrealistic. It will always and forever be. My dream job is to open eyes And help others learn to see.   I've always wanted to be a superhero. I wanted to change the world.
All around me I can see the death and dispair The gloom that looms over the face of the common man beyond repair. 
I feel the sweat running do
Words are written Smudged deep into The back of wisdom Beautiful and ugly, It all goes.   Infinity, it works With life like death Blurring sharp lines, It all goes,  
Imagine this. A mother in labor with a two year old as her labor coach Did you laugh? That's ok I do too. Except I'm that two year old And my mother's that mother And my brother's that baby 
A bassoon job may change my life, Any job with the bassoon will suffice. I dream and think in bassoon, But I dread keeping it in tune. I would need to practice and dedicate more time,
I didn't choose the theatre, the theatre chose me At five years old my mother took me to the park Dressed like the 19th century She whispered to me a sentence Then gave me a shove and said "repeat"
I know this won't be easy,
One job may Mine         Yours                   Ours                           The World
I’m 6’5’’, wear size 16 shoes, built like a bull
The job I paid tuition for. The job I barely get paid for. The job I trained for. The job I was born for.
I want to shape the written word, Craft it to reflect my designs, And create something worthwhile.
A future filled with teeth, with the kind of gum that can't be chewed, blown, or popped.Dentistry. This is what I had dreamt of, hoped for, and worked towards.
I live my life And I dream And I hope And I whisper my secrets to the sky Because nobody is there to listen And when I'm alone I wait And I hope to God That someday I will not be
Maybe you think my job is dying – An old lady with tinted hair And horn rimmed glasses, Hushing you. My job’s not dying – It’s just a child Trying to find it’s way in this big world,
Why a doctor? Why not a contractor? Why not a sports caster? Why not a rocker? Because... I don't really know. I like to learn about so many things, about animals with feet, fins, or wings.
Work It feels like so much work that we’re putting in At first it was easy when love first began Now it’s just fussing and fighting no end
I want to express myself through drawing. They said that's impossible. Do I want to starve as a artist? Can't I get a "real" job?
On this road I pursue a job,
7 years of pursuing you, I have finally got you This smile on my face is because of you So thank you
I looked around and I see myself as the only one A minute minority representation in this field But that doesn't stop me as I will continue My insecurities don't have place in biomedical engineering
Change Change yourself, Change your environment, Change your world. Change the world. Man, We are all one. All the same, equal Every one of us
Oh darling how beautiful you looked with your eyes of burning lights and elusive hope. With your slight beckoning the hearts of men poured to do your bidding and you bind them with chains of industry
Getting through tough times is nearly impossible without someone to lean on  My life will be forever changed when I get to be that person to help and be called upon
Fingers fluttering across the keyboard Pen in hand Paper crisp Inspiration flowing As the sun sets in the west On a foreign coastline   A scarred hand meets mine With a callused grin
Pacing around in delicate circles, tracing the words that encompass the fire The inextinguishable flame that ignites the one desire driving me mad A beautiful and unforgivable dream
Through the eyes of a dreamer Nothing can stand in my way Soaring high over mountains and oceans My own little airplane cradling me in the sky If only I weren’t afraid of heights
The job that would change my life forever for a good cause would be being a paramedic. What could be greater than help others with their lives,save lives, change lives.
Dreams encased in a tiny bottle Bursting open, exploding sparks and passion Nothing would make me more happy than to help serve others The gift of being able to physically help heal others. It's powerful.
A dream is just that: a dream. But what if it could become a reality? Journeying and trudging through the surprises life holds in the palms of its fragile hands, all
Helping people is what I love to do The more the merrier, as they say It's a part of me, through and through But just volunteering won't get me any pay  
I just want to be a doctor,  One that will help others prosper.  I just want to work in the emergency room,  To lead others out of  certain doom.  Call me crazy if you will, 
To click my heels across the brightly colored stage, Just Once. To put my makeup on in a personal vanity mirror, Just Once. To slip into a sparkling costume, Just Once.
They tell me I am not supposed to be here
The one common factor
"Does the wind still rise?" stories told won't be forgotten kids running and the sun setting tell me these don't mean something can i tell you a story that you will clutch and carry and never let go
Black ink flows on a page transcribing ideas, thoughts; so very lovely. The poet sits, his hands clenched in rage for he has forgotten his own story.
No sleep and long days, Tired face and baggy eyes. Caffeine through the IV  To keep me alive. Running back and forth At the physician's command. Swinging back the curtains
All I want is to be an engineer. Let me make that clear. I plan to get my bachelor's real fast, Wanna make that cash. My family gave me lots of support. Time t’be a good sport.
Early in life I've learned Life has never been about what changes my life It is what changes others' lives.   That one job that would change my life? It would be to see that spark--
You think, " My dad does not love me, So it seems." I try to make him proud, I share with him all my dreams.
Consuming, enveloping, smothering my mindThere is little I can do to escape its gripIt turns my brain into a bag of ideas and sketchesThe lucky bits that get pulled out are put onto paper, made into ink
What is up, and what is down?Who is that standing all around?My whole body aches,Where am I for goodness sake?Miss Nell looks up to me pleading eyes,With no words only sighs,
Dreams from childhood come with princes and princesses. But that dream grows and contorts to fit the mold of reality. Princes become bosses and princesses become bussiness women.
Nursing has always been my dream, as simple as it may seem… But to change someone’s life, is what I want to do. If you had the chance to change a life, would you? In any way big or small, my chances of that will not fall.
I sit in one place, a lot of the time I see the days pass I won't have much time   I haven't gone anywhere Though, I digress If soon I'll be everywhere Aflight with the best  
The vocation of well being is what I go by, my life long dream is what will be in reach. I help thee so that you may one day fly, I don the White Coat - my sermon - I preach.  
Who am I exactly? Or let’s not be so exact. Am I someone who holds a million and one Flimsy facts and stats In the back of my cranium Or… Someone who loves to make her heart bleed And spread
  I don’t really want my dream job It is too scary And I am not brave enough   If I weren’t a coward I would investigate human smuggling chains   Break down doors
Dedication. Determination. Trust. Passion. That is all it takes. An education. Major in business management. Double major in theatre.   A four year university. That is all I need.
This is how my story could read, If I could help victoms families in need. Becoming a medical examiner would be a hardship and put me in debt, But there is no challenge that I have not met.
I take a seat behind my desk what do people see? this job is not an easy task but it means so much to me they tell me psychiatrists are crazy they only seek to find themselves
What is it to hope, to dream, to wish In a place where nothing works, To want to try to fix A hole with little corks.   That, I think is the problem, A glass that is full of holes
The graphic world is what i need  its a deam that i will make a reality In my world of graphic design all i need is my mind And other things Tools and skills with technology galor
Some people want to be billionares Or be on the cover of Forbes Magazine I want to help you take a breath of fresh air Give people sight who have never before seen, the wonders of our big, big world.   
How do people chose a job? Do they chose or does it come to them? How do they know they want to even work as that? They have never worked as that but like the feeling? How do you know your not going to be miserable?
A child weeps, but from what direction? The little boy with the clammy hands wipes his nose On the shoulder of his mother’s satin blouse. They wait to be called in. Truly, just as a child weeps
So far, no longer With technology and mind stronger Galileo could never dream that in reach was the moon's seam. With my own hands  and Armstrong's stands the Moon--light years away
Happiness. Sadness. Friendship. Animosity. The winding roads are hard to maneuver. The darkest of paths can be lit with a lantern. One day, I hope to be such a lantern. Some people say it can’t be done.
I want to inspire Wait, no, I want to guide. I want to be the teacher in the classroom
Oh, the daily struggles of a high school senior! The lingering aspects of adult life, The thoughts of college dancing inside your brain. What do I want to do when I'm older? That thought makes me go insane.
To me teaching is inspiring  To me teaching is leading How many can say that they Led people to inspire others How many can say that they Showed people how wonderful and terrifying the world is
To speak is a gift, that not all recieve My voice is a tool, to help those in need Inside they are speaking, please set them free The voices they need, reside in me In their eyes there are words
  Hello world, Have we met yet? No? Are you sure? I could have sworn I was that veterinarian from that one time
One Job One Day One Life One Chance To make a difference The Job? NCIS I Choose Why? To Help People One Job One Day To
I'd like to take a stethoscope and listen to your heartbeat carefully To hear what it is saying I'd like to take an x-ray of all your broken heart bones so I can know If you're worth fixing
Since my mother passed away, I have dreamt of the day, Where fear no longer presides, and happiness stays.   Where others won't need, To feel the hate and plead, Having their hearts yearn,
Find your "passion", he said. As if "passion" was a magical word.   I asked him what that felt like. He was silent. I asked, "Does it feel like adrenaline running through your veins?
To feel the age of an object, the stories they hold. Antiquing is my dream job.
I want to become empowered I want to control what I can
One job, Going to work every day.   One path, Going to change others’ lives.   One way, Going to get my bachelors.   One field, Going for mechanics, four years.  
The Classroom   Whisper your broad-sweeping metaphors; Explain how you will excite the wayward dust of the universe; I will tell you my ordinary dream:  
one job may change my lifebut how are you taught to workwhen you come from a city where they slang;its just principal.not like the kind you meet at school
A spark has touched me  to influence and to serve humanity,
In first grade the teacher saidWhat do you want to be?I picked my paper up and read,A mermaid in the sea. 
I had a dream, from before i was three, I dreamed of the days that lay ahead of me. At night, i would think, of the greats of the past, I`d think of how they were remembered, and how they would last.
As I wash the dishes  I have many wishes Ever Since I started working here My thoughts have started to veer People walk in and out Some are loud and shout They leave their dishes on the table
Veterinarian Helper of animals Years of work  4 year college degree College is expensive My family loves the idea I will be helping animals Friends love the idea    
Taking pride in what i would like to do simply makes me thrive and want to see my goals through, wearing a badge and keeping people safe for a living is something i'd take great pride in and that's the truth.  
ESPN Color Commentator  You change the channel to ESPN, ESPN2 or get on your computer and turn to ESPN3 but when there is a game being played, you hear a friendly, welcoming voice 
My life long dream is to be a teacher To teach little bright minds To help little bright minds Excell and to be amazing Being a teacher would make me proud Proud to teach Proud to do what I love
Never shall I forget the period of time I spent waiting in that horse show ring, anticipating when my back number would be called. Never shall I forget the suspense I felt as I waited in that line-up.
If there is one job that could change my life, it would be teaching--at any level. 
My mother worked My mother pushed My mother was my rock All to be the best parent she could be   She was strong when I wasnt She was my friend when one was needed
Korean/ English Version: 여보세요
I came to life to dream  to beam, to seem to have a purpose. I came to life to reap not sleep, not keep my pride holding me back.   For my job is to be under the hunter of clothes.
Black as pitch,
Like little leaves on  waving tree branches, 
Whenever I tell people I want to write for a living, they give me a funny look that says 'good luck' in a sarcastic way, though. Most people don't think anyone can make it writing, writing for television,
Somewhere along the bits and bytes of the programming world,
With headphones in, A determined stare. I type for you but a passage, for all readers to share. Viewers reflect, make choices, prepare.   The future is approaching, with its army of fear.
"All men are created equal." Words of inspiration, words of hope. I came to the United States not because I wanted to, but because my parents thought it was for our best benefit. I have first handedly seen discrimination at its best.
"All men are created equal." Words of inspiration, words of hope. I came to the United States not because I wanted to, but because my parents thought it was for our best benefit. I have first handedly seen discrimination at its best.
To help you Is what I want to do Learn your thoughts Just talk lots Not to lecture or to bore Not to make you walk out the door I can't make things perfect, believe me I can try but you'll see
Putting emotion into a sound  creating art for all who will listen Building it up from the ground making music from passion within  becoming apart of something so known but being original is the key 
My life has been changed, and now it is up to me to choose a job to change a person’s too. I dream of social work, counseling, and motivational speaking. In the jobs I desire all will be complete if I save one life like she.
I was pushed in school To decide my fate I was pushed by my parents To get the best grades I was pushed by society To live up to everyone's expectations And yet I stay sane  
Maybe I’m the monkey And what I see is what I want to do But there’s something about Creating one world And sharing it with another That appeals to me. Maybe it’s a visual thing
Communication.    Sitting here, trying to best figure out how to express myself.    It comes easy to some, but not so for others.   
There once was a little boy Who so loved to read, But his fledgling life Was boring to lead.   The books that he found, The stories he heard, All transported him To some other world.
Wake up. Go to School. Do work. Go Home. Do more work. Go to Sleep. Repeat. Repeat.
If someone could believe I could learn a new skill Like playing in band, And marching drill Then why can't they see I'm ready for this Forensic science-y life. Where the details matter
  At least, be pathological.
One Job One simple task Taking what you learn Giving it back to others Fire spreads and shares its light Everyone carries a torch, lit or unlit
I'm a Math Geek, sure. I've got charisma, too much! Combine them, It's me!
"A safe bet" They say "Always in demand" I hear "What a nice house you'll have" She mumbles, already in a daydream But since when are the fun jobs safe? Since when do rewards come to those who lust for them?
MedicineWhat job could satisfy me for years on end?While also challenging me and helping me ascend?A path I could happily devote my life towardsWhile benefitting me with intellectual rewards
Many jobs can change a life. Teacher, doctor, husband, wife. In many ways large or small, A single role to benefit all. The professional I aspire to be, Has more or less chosen me.
My job , may change my life. More importantly, it will change yours. What job I have, will never matter. What matters, is who it helps. What matters, is the person it benefits.
Who can define success? What does it truly mean? Could it be something tangible that we can have? Or is it considerably unattainable, obscure, and unseen? How do I find this road to success,
I’m high Higher than I’ve ever been before But this time is different No drugs for me Not this time   I’m touching the stars I’ve never been this close before But this time is different
I? I walk alone. Itis 20013. A suuny year Like a field of daisies. Then, Then there it is.... The big bang . Here is a Nazi Scorning and cosming everything in HER path.
Kaffir Boy Life as a Kaffir, harder than a nigga You see in my world white people pull the trigger We might share a dead beat daddy But you rap about caddies While I’m struggling for scraps
Bandages heal wounds Medicine cures the patients Doctors help people
I lift my hands As all eyes intentively gaze There is yet so much at stake For the rhythm and notes to be so perfectly phrased   Judges observe As the song takes flight
My dream job is agronomy To study plants and soil Understanding how they grow making sure the crops don't spoil    Four to six years is what I'll need To learn the skills for me to be,
Your amygdala amuses me Small or average? easily indicating intentions Feelings of remorse, and guilt evade you can you imitate emotions As easily as the average human releases them 
Lights up.
Am I considered lucky, to live in this land where I am considered free, or am I considered a prisoner, behind bars that are simply a reflection of ME. 
Within the reaches of my mind, a fiery sun rises, a bird sings to the sky its melodious song, chirp-chirping, as the day goes on. On any given day the peaceful image falters,
"A job could save lives" "Oh job please come rescue me"  "I need some money"
From the waves crashing on the shore, to the fish below and more, The sharp teeth of a great white are surely to give off a big bite, The cool breeze blowing through my hair, I can already picture me there,
One job may change my life. I wish to last a lifetime. One laugh. One smile. No tears. No fears. Every day they go by, Sad and lonely, They want to cry.
  Deep within each human There is a drive, a need   Different fires burn for every man All expressed within a seed   A seed that grows with every season
Rocking with the beat of a thousand breaths My eyes following the language of symbols Synchronized with a hundred other masters My fingers moving quick and nimble    
Career oriented Push me into typicality Told myths of the straight and narrow path Lined on either side by treacherous cliff side Jagged with lost hope and drug addiction, Probably.  
  Crafted hands of clay I will be someone big someday Flashing lights, clapping hands My symphony plays since I am the band   Cymone My show My love My home  
"You're going to be broke" is what they all say no money for a social worker now a days don't follow your dream, don't help people out because in the end you'll be left out
Sitting scowl-faced on the playground, a child aged nine: “I hate it! I hate school! Don’t look so surprised- The teacher’s lack passion, they don’t even care, They always teach the lessons like we’re not even there.”
A curse to all around. Greed. Corruption. Money. These are simple things where I frowned. All which need to be eliminated from me.   It is all by a spark of luck. Who will win? Who will fall?
Little Violins   I was in love with my little violin. It was so beautiful!  
I thought if I jumped,  I'd fly to the moon and dance among stars. I thought if I jumped, I'd soar above my parent's hopes for me. I thought if I jumped,
Many jobs can change my life
Pediatric oncology might be the job, That will show me what it is like to make a difference, Maybe not to the world, but to a few children, Who because of fate ended up in a bad state.
A girlfriend from high school, whom I haven't spoken to in years, reached out to me one day after reading my blog, Freckled Nettles.
A bubblegum dream:  To reign the audience dumb As you take the stage.
how do you reach the end of your life with no regret? i was told once it would be impossible, that all lives decay into might-have-beens. but here i swear, i swear to god, i swear to my fellow man,
The mind is my home I live there I wish I could escape It haunts me I overthink I overstep I over state I underwhelm I always fail My expectations crash My heartbeat slows
"Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee," Oh, God, I just want you to use me! "to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go." I have the seed. Lord, teach me how to sow.
I've seen it around, I know the drill. I know the pain, I hear their shrills.
Torn between the two. I have a friend who knows me inside and out, and another friend who is still trying to figure me out. What am I supposed to do? The best friend who I love,
Frequent struggle, heightening through Without a trace, without a clue Yet something inside me knows what to do With a pen in hand and a book overdue.   To write is a passion
Life is like a burning candle soon we will burn away slowly but surely  we are not here to stay we were made to be a light and warmth but not to last forever just because we a fading 
When I was sixteen I learned what it means to have a dream job. A dream job is not necessarily the career you have always dreamed of. It is a job that teaches you the value of a dollar.
If I were to have my way
I don't know anything. I am still a child to those who have only a few years more, but still I don't know anything.  In my lab the mentors look at me as though I'm a lost cause, drifting between questions. 
I remember when we were young and free, You were sittin' next to me in your army green. And you were all packed up and ready to go, Then you said to me, "Don't worry, I'll be coming home."
Every child has wild, exuberant dreams of what they will become when they finally "grow up," Whether it's to save other people's lives from fires or perhaps a robber, all at the expense of their own.
Money and Fame, that's almost everyone's aim. To be the best a what they do and find the perfect career to pursue. However, my dreams are not the same. Happiness is what I'd like to gain, for my goal to unfold.
Government. Power. Politics. Politician. I could change our nation. I could change the world. My life would forever be changed. People tell me it is impossible. "Never. Gonna. Happen."
A dream. My dream? or His dream? It starts out like this.. I am a C.O.D.A. Child Of a Deaf Adult. Otherwise known as a child with a deaf parent.
I go to class every day in seek of more knowledge, deeper into debt each year I stay in college. I have to study and use all my logic, but have warm dreams of living in the tropics.
Frighting for you Fighting for my loved ones Fighting to keep the sky blue Fighting for those late night runs   Fighting for those happy days  Fighting for the you to live
…Something to live for. Prove it in expressive detail. Our existence is a privilege, But it is selective to those in ways unbeknownst to the cerebral cortex. How much does freewill weigh?
  Can one job define us? Can our hunger for success, fulfillment, and adventure be satisfied with just one job. What if I told you yes! Would you believe me? Probably not!  Am I right?  
Belle, meaning beauty from the land of France We remember from the movie how she put Beast into a trance But remember how her nose was always in a book, She received taunts from the one who falsely loved her, Hook...
  Monday through friday, eight to four thirty, I sit at a desk.
If you were to hold me, you'd note I was cold That's of course, if you were really that bold. It takes courage to love a lion, Especially one who needs no shoulder to cry on. I was never fragile, never so weak--
My true love My elegant goddess
Pages turn, rustling pervades the air.
  Lights up. Curtain ready. Breathe. Check mic, hands steady? Breathe. “You’ll do great.” You’ll be fine.” “Break a leg!” Breathe. Shake, jump, split. Hear the orchestra swell, it’s time to
I want to work in hospitals, universities, industries, and laboratories. A blend of engineering, biology, and medicine, I’ll have many possibilities and through all of my duties
I stood there covered in sweat and grease, holding my ground trying to keep the peace. Cheerful faces all around laughing and talking all one sound. I look to my my left, the popcorn starts to rumble,
A dream. A blissful careening feeling, abstract and fickle. My job will be a dream.  
I stand on the edge of the abyss Staring into the multitude of eyes and hushed excitement   Red ones spout criticism "She's just a naive child with too big a nose"
Sit back, relax, be quiet in the theater and enjoy this flick because the story that’s read will dilate your pupils with a scripted visual sense of purpose. Three, two, one fade to image, hello it’s I direction,
Mom and Dad want me to evaluate the broken, To diagnose them with the disease we all have- surreal survival,
Dark black monsters coil around my brain Whispering sentiments and dark thoughts, Clouding my judgment while Hushing my moral code. My grades begin to slip And my body begins to expand while
I’ve been told to give up and I’ve been told I would never succeed And for a long time I would have agreed Because the negativity inside my head would never go away It was putting me down each and every day
I have a heart made of words,  they flow through my veins.  I want to give, 
I am your doctor I am here to help, to talk You're the strongest here I'm here to make you stronger Please, we're friends just talk to me
The sun rains in through the  grimy blinds But all you see is the future, a future you have planned for, Thought of, strived for, fought for, will live for,  Yet something hold you back. You had it all planned out.
6am alarm goes off Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast. Into work by 7 Always the first one in Unlock the office get ready to start the day
You sit at the the stained oak desk of God Of Fate He eyes you through his silver-sliver-rimmed glasses Gazes into your soul and the manila-enveloped list of your life In neatly printed, size 12 font  
A job at home, a job so easy. How I wish my thumbs could stay on my greasy space bar.   Typing away, entering my binary code, protecting the cyber world. From thieves and inappropriate sites.
As a kid I always knew I didn't want a regular life. I didn't see myself as a nurse (blood makes me queasy). I didn't see myself as a lawyer (I have to big of a conscience) 
Music, lights, warmed up toes make-up on and ready to show. Passion, anxiety, the thrill of go pointe shoes tied and preparing to throw. Caution to the winds, Heart to the world, Fear out the door.
She looks at life full of wonder Doudt surrounds her Will she make it She wonders whats to come Clouds surrounds her Will she make it She sees sunshine Hope at last Will she make it
You know when you're in the car Driving down the same street to the same place To work, school, or home And then you see him You look away guiltily, you think, "God, what can I do?"
I started to care about how I'd look, so I picked up GQ instead of a book. To be on the cover of the magazine, or to be the man behind the scenes. I was inspired, now I'll be,
Look around Stay open minded Reach for your dreams No dream is too abstract
I saw McCandless up there, unleashed and free When I was of an age barely more than three I knew then that I would be like him I would to that black abyss to swim
Jittering just at the thought Of another brilliant day, Up and higher, is the only direction
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" -My child ears were berated by this question "A Doctor or Lawyer, or Undersea Explorer" -Why does it matter?my child mind would wonder  
You listen and you learn and you search and you earn your right to gain what you didn't have before. If understanding your mind is what it takes to be safe and sound  I'll do it. 
I graduated in 2010, wondering where I belong. I couldn't kick it I tried teaching english to those who don't speak it I tried the fast pace world of shippin' it in logistics I tried therapy for those who are autistic
Who grows up like their parents expect Now-a-days? Divorce when I was three Marriage when I was four Divorce when I was eight. Maybe I didn’t grow up in the slums Bad as it could be
I want to be a teacher,
Expanding our knowledge Day after day Questons of the youth arise "why am I here?"  "I swear I heard this last year." Repetion begins and creativitiy fades  "I want to be more than him
Becoming who I am destined to be Will put me on covers of VOGUE It will allot me the favor Of rubbing elbows with Anna Wintor
The purpose of lifeIs to have purpose in lifeYour purpose is your passionOr maybe passion is your purpose,Either way, it starts and ends withService.Dad told me to find a way
She was an opera singer that communicated in ways bigger than her little body could. Proper breath, proper phrasing, proper diction, proper dynamics, proper support. An opera singer who lost her voice.
We have been taught to change the world, But mostly the world spins on and continues to change us. I know things can be different for me, They have to be. I refuse to be a part of the same old routine,
She comes to meNot only listening, but living what I speak. She steps up to the plate.She swings.She succeeds. The creditall given to her,but she thanks me.
  You think you know me! Who I am, what I’m about. Let’s be honest here, you have no idea. Muchin? I go there. College? It’s near.
Put this on. No No try this. You'll look more presentable they say. I was born in a world to stand out, But no one accepts you unless you fit in. These shoes you try to fit me in just dont fit Me.
A beautiful house sits on a hill One that was built from scratch I watched as the owner designed it;
Cardiology the study of the heart and it functionsThis is my dream job and I need to take action.10 years of learning is what it'll take.I'm scared I might breakBut I know I got wat it takes
Dreams, Dreams, Dreams  I do have many  but one that I would like to achive is to be a lawyer own my own firm and then become and employer helping many by providing that extra twenty  Dreams, Dreams, Dreams 
Everyone knows who they were born to be, Some musicians, some teachers, some on TV. However, when it comes to me, Everyone will know my name, sea to sea. It wasn't easy to get there,
It’s lyrical almost The way the lines meld together In perfect synchronization There’s splendor in these works Absolute candid magnificence   There’s precision in these angles
If I could have any job It would be to not make people sob. Helping people would be the dream And I can do that by many means. I would love to do Engineers Without Borders
If dreams come true, Then excitement will fill everything I do, I'll work hard for all I gain,
Bringing the past to the future Learning how our ancestors lived  preserving ancient knowledge  for future generations to see A historian is what I would be Completing a timeline of Earth's history
Some say we breathe dust, eat papyrus, finger leather-bound tomes with gusto.   Others say our skin is thin, pale as paper, our blood thick, dark like ink in a bottle.  
  Beauty comes in marks of perfect imperfection; They are the stretch marks and cellulite that are engraved into your skin, They are the freckles and pimples that may cover your face,
All you can do is cry. You get out of the shower, Not feeling the warm tears that have just flooded from your eyes. Your face is still warm from the hot shower you took to release your mind.
Over and over we're told, "Pick something you'll enjoy" "You're gonna be stuck with it" "What is important to you?" But, where are the people asking how they can help us get there? I want to be that person.
I am free To be what I want to be... I can fight overseas Or even raise bees I can dance or I can sing I might even work for bing But is it really true That I can get a job out of the blue?
If I do not have a job How can I live life How can i support  a wife Then children if they come I call myself a builder of the body I build what God gave me I lift for me As I  love to lift
   Broken bodies and broken souls Needing someone to fill the holes Left by illness and accidents
What if I could earn my degree in college? What if I could go to Japan? What if I could get paid to edit manga? Or what if I'm turned down? What if they say nay, what if, what if, WHAT IF?!
Running, Climbing, The prince he saves her, Credits, Rolling The ending's closer, story, told and, It's so repeted, Emotional depth, oh so needed,
The difference is wanting to make a change, 
Everyone wishes for something,
Everyone wishes for something, like those who dream to sing. And it is my wish to capture the pure moments of rapture, of faces rarely seen.   There are so many in this world,
Life Is What You Make of It   Life is what you make of it Not how much you fake it Not your dress or a stupid zit
Every day that goes by, I think of the man that I wish to be. Though I sometimes forget, I look in the mirror and see, A man with a pen who writes tales of great wonder,
Imagine yourself behind a lens With the power to direct  A film that portrays the future  Or life in retrospect    Imagine getting to hold the clapboard  And loudly yelling "Action!"
One job may change my life, as I transition from my ongoing strife. This job I know, will be something special, Surely not a dead end into which I will settle.   This job of mine will feed my soul,
My dream job that will completely transform my life path into something beautiful would be to become a Plastic Surgeon! There is no other job more exhilarating than being a Plastic Surgeon.
Change. It is what everyone wants to see in the world. I want it. You want it. He, she, we want it.
One job could change my life. One job could make a difference in the world that I have come to know. Just one. For once, one job in my life that isn’t working for my dad or house sitting or babysitting.
May I have a millstone for a necklace As I drift at sea Than to let a child sin I wish to give them guidance Then to helplessly watch the world crush their dream
  I want to be a diplomat
One Job May Change My Life Fighting for the justice of innocent civilians Becoming someones "hero"
An obstetrician has a lot on their plate Responsible for bringing in lives But I know this is my fate People say I’m crazy Because of the amount of school Also the debt Ill end up in too
One job may change my life For the better Or for worse I want to be in a job where others can rely on me.  A job where I can help those who need it not just want it.
If I could have just one job, It would to be make a sad child smile. A smile full of sunshine and hope, Something they have not experienced for awhile.   If I could have just one job,
Opportunities and open doors
Beyond a dream on a stage it isn't about me it isn't about fans, fame, fortune or other words thrown around by those who have too much and give nothing
All I really know   is that my favorite color has always been blue.   As I have grown up in life   it was the sea and the sky that I intrigued me.  
I can make discoveries, just put me up to bat. Finding out what's always there? Just need time for that.   But when you say, "Create something!" that's when life gets fun.
Lost and wandering
I can’ t paint with a brush  that well, But I know how to paint with a pen and an ink well. My words form pictures that pictures themselves couldn’t describe. Your photograph may be worth 1000 words.
A little girl sits at the kitchen table with her Mommy,  Not even five and this little girl always ties everyone's shoes,  She always shares her snacks,  She always loves with all her little heart.
Working at the local grocery store Bagging groceries like it’s my life As I bag, I dream of the future What could life be like if it were perfect?
I stare at my wrists Blood dripping red Trying to drive the demons from my head   Do I jump Do I stand On edge waiting With a blade in my hand   I want to live
I stare at my wrists Blood dripping red Trying to drive the demons from my head   Do I jump Do I stand On edge waiting With a blade in my hand   I want to live
    It’s been eighteen years since I took my first breath, And between the most recent two, I’ve undergone many debates.
It's just one job.I'll never strike it rich;I'll never make it big. It's just one job.I'll be cursed out;I'll be spat upon.
The number does not change, it never changes No, all they can see is that number. The number that distinguishes me from other applicants.
Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, a rythem thrums. Kick, Kick, Kick, breath quick. Stroke, Stroke, peaceful sound. Kick, Kick, peaceful splash. Stroke, Kick, swimming quick.
I was gifted with clever hands,
It’s not about the fame, It’s not about the money, Well maybe just enough so I don’t go hungry. It’s about making a game, It’s about making a story, Using every subject that’s in my inventory
Slippery green leaves
Asians love their rice These people are white like mice Night time, you can only see their smiles
Speaking, we take it for granted Speaking, it connects us all Speaking, it could raise us up Speaking, it could be our downfall To speak or not to speak, that could be the question
My mother is a tax preparer My father is an Electrician They been so for twenty five years Still They struggle to keep up with the bills And keeping us alive
One job is all i need, a nurse who doesn't suffer from greed, just the job that i need.
What a job you have there! Magnificent! Outstanding! A dream job surely! It must be the best! Just look at your desk! The zeros on your check! Atop a building! With power and influence!
Time and time again, never have I said. That I want to be, someone who is me. Forever acting, but never lacking. True pssion in life, helping those with strife. Then one summer day, someone had to say.
I seek to create and rebuild to bridge the gap between techonolgy and ourselves in a manner which merges math and physics with a touch of pure intelect engineering will allow me to construct the world
"Children are the future," So everyone says. "Children are the future," Show me your proof, then. Hungry, impoverished Children on the streets? Too many in the classroom,
One job that could change everything What could that be? What would change everything, everything? It has to be something important, Maybe not to everyone but important to me.
An elephant, some dolls, and a few bears, All lined up in plastic chairs. Slumping over in their seats. They do not really listen to me.   No, no, no. This is wrong.
When I look up to the sky I want to be there, I want to be with the moon and the stars. If I can't be there, I want to build something that can.   Aerospace engineering is the career for me.
"I just don't know how you're giong to pay back all these loans." My mother says unfamiliar, like most of my family, with the cost of college. Knowledge Information Books Dollar Sign
I reach for the stars, I will be an astronaut. No one can stop me. 
I will check kids' teeth Cavities are not that great That is why you floss  
Theatre has given me so much over the years. It has provided a place where I can freely express myself, without judgement, and I can release all of my inhbitions and fears and
    My dream is bigger than life itself, I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders,       for that even wouldn't stop me from the dream I behold of, the sky is never the
    My dream is bigger than life itself, I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders,       for that even wouldn't stop me from the dream I behold of, the sky is never the
A job that could change my life . A physical therapist, an interesting career. A job that concises of a DPT Degree, a license & compassion with no fear.
I've had this dream since I was eight.
Just one child the time of day. Just one child help the pain go away.   I am here to help. I am here to hear. I am here to take care of you.
I have a dream. I have a dream of helping people. In this dream, I see myself next to a U.S. soldier, helping him recover from an attack that caused him to become paralyzed from the waist down.
Maybe the mistakes you thought you made, wasn't a mistake. Maybe the person you wanted, wasn't the person you needed. Just because you didn't want something to happen, doesn't mean it shouldn't have happened.
There comes a point in every young child’s life When they hear the famous speech “I Had A Dream”   There comes a point in every young child’s life When they want to become an astronaut or a princess  
I fear staring into the abyss
Bread crust crunches between my fingers The enticing aroma around me lingers Dancing beneath my nose As food in the oven-heat languor’s
Dream. Having fun.
One job may change my life but, some people complain about too many jobs ruining their life. Taking care of your family being true to yourself, havng your friend's back, paying your bills,
Life is hard no matter what
I want to be inspiring But working is tiring I want to be appreciated I want to feel deviated
I decided I want to educate May have made the decision late First I was an engineer Poor decision I made here I want to help the world Or maybe just that one girl Who was told to raise a baby
The world in which we live has many predetermined regulations. Likewise, the lives that we find ourselves living have many variables beyond our control.
From Times Square to San Francisco
Become a pro gamer? No, I'd rather become a programmer Coding for games is my biggest dream I'd love to do it more than anything else Working with a development team Trying to get our games on the shelves
My occupation may not only change my life Is my field of study really worth the price? It can not only affect my life but so many more It can potentially change a circumstance I’ve already endured.
To be a calamitous novelist, you say? What does that even mean?
When I tell people what I want to be, reactions vary. Some of them are good while others are not.   "Oh, that's a respectable job, but how will you afford school?"
To aid those who have fallen, To breathe in the air of knowledge, To know that one made a difference Makes the world so much better.   My life is drenched in sorrow,
When I first set my eyes on an animal.I KNEW. When I first touched one. I KNEW When I first spoke the words out my mouth. I KNEW. When I first wrote. I KNEW. When the question was asked to me. I knew.
The dream of working for myself, Deciding when I get paid, Working when I want too, Owning my own company is my dream.
If I could have one job to change my life, I'd be a geneticist and find the cure to alzheimers.  I'd work in a lab all day, and I'd save the ones with so much love, and passion, and hurt.
Do what you love and the money will follow is what they say. They don't tell you that the road to getting there may be shaky. They don't tell you the struggles, the indecision, the limits you must fight against to get to where you want to be.
D aring to make it a reality R embering that I must try hard E ager to begin A typical variations could stand in  my way M edical school, here I come!!!   J oing the ranks of the work force
I want to ride thru the coastal nightsInstead of questioning my existance under michigan lightsI dont feel real unless it's pretendingI don't want to lose this rushI feel like its ending
My angel, my love, how I love thee, my dear Forever by your side, so no need to fear. You light up my life, you make my heart sing; Your voice is like honey, it makes my ears ring.  
Sunlight flitting across white cabinets and microscope slides A visit to the children’s ward Where they wait with cancer
To help, to endure, and to care, To make the world, noble and fair, To be able to heal the child with grace, To return them to a parent's embrace, To say I assisted children in need,
Tuesday night is writing night Up at Saturday Night Live. The cameras are off, The lights are on, And no one sleeps. Everything’s funny At two in the morning But that won’t matter
Kids hate school. That isn't a surprise, Especially the older ones, the ones Who can't find a point to the formulas or Calculations, the prose analyzation and Those stupid fill-in-the-bubble,
My teeth are clenchedEyebrows furrowedNoisy cries give way to dry, convulsive sobs.
I hear your stories and feel your pain as if it were my own. An anger and passion feel my bones as i figure out How? What? What can i do to help you? No, I haven't seen the streets nor have i taken that high
  The handcuffs are on
Numb Her back is enflamed
What makes up a nurse? Thick skin and integrity A passion to fight
One job will change my life, To make my life successful, To help others, And make them healthy.   College, do what I have too, too afford it Four years of Nursing school Graduate, Work,
My dream, job would be to be a Pyschiatric speicialist. My junior year of high school i was placed in a Psych Ward for attempted suicide.
The true path forward has long been ongoing. I still anxiously wait.
Alarm Sigh Time for work again. Same Routine Make money to stay alive. Boring Life In this cubicle the beauty outside has started to die. No More Money is my boss.
Scrubs eh Oh, that's what you call these But that ain’t what I call them These things right here I call them my work clothes   Everyday I leave the comfort of my bed Where to?
The words flow from the pen to the page Then from the page to screen That's what I want to see Words My job would be words Millions of combinations of twenty-six symbols Creating people and worlds 
A job can change your life Just a single one Where you flip enough burgers to pay for school Or scrub enough counters to buy a car But a job will change more lives than just yours
  To call upon hearts to give what they can To bring what I’ve gathered to far away lands I am ready To roar a plane to vigorous life To bring helping hands, prepared to fight I am ready
Let's dream together And build images of a world we never knew. Let's dream bigger And turn our thoughts to tangible, Creatures of day, Rather than imaginary monsters of night. Let's dream together 
Never once did I believe that it was I who could conceive,such a career fueled by dreams, of both the telescope and mewe gaze together upon the lights of the past that becomes my present
To become a savior, to the ones that we call friends, There are ones that we call Veterinarian. They help and heal our furry friends, Both big and small. O how this would change who i am,
Big decisions Different choices buzzing around my head So many, too many They all ask about your future Tell you to pick the standard jobs, take the typical path of life All I can hear are voices
Tears in my eyes, emptiness in my heart, I feel like life is falling apart, Reckless and young, I stick out my tongue, And put up my middle finger   For someday they will all linger
They say it goes by too fast  that it will be gone in a blink of an eye one blink
September 4th 1992, commencing day one of employment , this marked the beginning of changing my life, my title; daughter, sister, friend, so many responsibilities, but naturally adjusting,
The glistening sun shining on my face. The soothing wind that caresses me. I open my eyes to realize that I am discovering new places I've never been to. Feeling the camera strap around my neck.
Children should not be so sick so young. As human beings we try so hard to keep them safe. Nothing will stop us from trying to find the cure.
I hear, that if you listen hard enough you can hear them,  The plants of the Earth. They tell you the secrets they hide, Some cure for all ache, Food for hungry bellies, The saviour of humanity as it stands today.
Hello, class. Salute the Flag.
My purpose is unknown, unfuffilled. I feel like there's nothing to live for. Helping others out of my own free will; That desire, that passion, makes my heart soar. I listen to people attentivly,
Ever since I was young, I remember feeling like I was different. I knew that I was meant to do something More than simply speak with my tongue. I could feel it in my spirit,
The ivory keys let out a sorrowful narration as I caress them through another Nocturne.
That one job.... When I was a young girl I dreamed of being a dance teacher Point your toes, chest up, relax your shoulders I just couldn't wait to say it.
I'm waiting for the dayThe day I get that phone callThat emailEtextEviteTo ignite my sensesAnd collide my childhood day dreams of yesterdayWith my childhood mindest of today
Just one job may change my life, it will push me into my future as a woman and wife. Just one job may change my view, i might see the world through a different shoe.
I am scared for my future.  I have nothing planned out.  I have a dream that I want to persue and everyone tells me I should persue  but I don't know how  and I'm scared to blow full force into it. 
  The pride of my family, I've got a tradition to uphold. It weighs on my should. It's what I've been told. Face the opportunity. We're meant to live bold.
Engineer, mathematician Computer programmer, statistician A job that makes money I can't put my knowledge to waste I wanted to be a teacher But for my intelligence that's not enough pay
Grease and grime, I can smell the oil. I can hear the engines roar. The vbrations now are overwhelming; I know what I was made for. This amazing world, I've come to know has captivated my gaze.
Designer in me From computers to paper and pencil From color swatches painting walls From left corner to on the table Interior design is where I belong
Diligent, productive, confident I have the makings of a boss Young mother, broke, in debt But none of the funds to get there Pirouette, leap, shimmy I want to own a dance studio Bussiness, risk, money
African Skies
Golden red days in the meadow do starve, Happy too, the warning of eternal death,  for life is to forever our soul carve, So that we may move on to a new breathe.
I remember grade one When the parents asked "What do you want to be?" Fireman, princess, baker, happy And every person knew their purpose   I remember grade five When the teachers asked
You know that one thing you love more than life itself? That thing you breathe and sleep because it just makes you melt. It's the one thing you would be empty without, your live would be pointless, it's what you're about.
    We dream every night wake up every day wondering to go or to stay.
The blinding lights kick into life,
  A question like any for myself to answer Can I teach because education does not occur When students use school as their battlegrounds   Nihilism hits bravery with irony
Once, I wanted to be in a rock band, Jammin’ on the piano. In my made-up band, “The Treelimbs”   For a while, that dream stood, And I was encouraged to dream, But that’s not what I want to do.
Father’s heart died in his briefcase In a cubicle -  His graveyard. But it fuels my dream, My dream of working at a magazine – And writing my life away, Sharing my words of honesty.
Behind bars the lonely boy wept Behind bars the angry boy kept Behind bars is no place for a kid, but Behind bars is the place where he lives One woman to lead the way  One woman to save the day
"Study" says Mother "Study" says Father "Study" says the brother and the sister And the others   She studies And studies  And studies She gets nowhere  
It is at night that my thoughts speed up, rising and crashing over my brain like an ocean wave knocking at my thoughts. It is then that creativity captures me and  enthralls me in the world of literature that
My dream is making someone elses dream happen. Helping this person become better than they were yesteday. Yes, I know ths does not make money.
I have a dream, a future that I envision A mission to make change in the nation What if we can fix the broken upon recent creation? Become a doctor for the little ones, become a Pediatrician.  
Since I was little I didn't want to change lives. But rather have my life changed by others, who don't realize Whats wrong.   Fear, unknown. Never feeling alone.
Trotting daringly through the meadows of flowers I feel the pulse beneath my feet Frolicking with the whisp of the wind I hear it stirring Bringing me closer and closer until suddenly I kneel
It's writing with a pen thats lost all the ink, You keep trying but you cant get down what you think, And the thoughts are a flood in the back of your head, You speak up to let them out but noone cares what you said,
My eyes scream for the death of a once-respected art form, The deep content and emotional triggering was the norm. Dead; the outcome of originality and heart in films of our age,
Which is important?
A child walks down the hallway, allowing the thoughts of doubt and frustration to fill her mind. She just wants to be different than the lies she's told. A doctor, a teacher, a life changer, her goals. A door slammed in her face, trash thrown at...
I. I have always thought love was a lesbian,but I never told my father. I swallowed guilt each time he apologized for his signature on carbon copies of divorce papers.  
The cold wind cuts like a butcher's knife As a faint scent dances on a ruby nose Beckoning an icy heart to home As the first spring sun calls a rose   Something familiar, known from youth
If I had to do one job it would be to be able to provide to the youth a little bit of wisdom given by my scribbled down pictures from the words that I have written.
The is but one job that I want Which I dream of daily, To be a  chef and make a croissant My dream, I imagine gayly. Cooking in the household room Where magic happens in the stove,
Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of owning my own store. A store with clothes, jewelry and more, I always wanted a life full of stylish galore. Fashion has always been a part of my life,
If I could just reach down Way deep down inside the pit of my stomach Into the bottom of my soul I would draw out what was there And slap it on the nearest thing A Canvas A Paper
If I could just reach down Way deep down inside the pit of my stomach Into the bottom of my soul I would draw out what was there And slap it on the nearest thing A Canvas A Paper
Starving Desperate, Hopeless Wishing, Wanting, Begging College, Debt, Wealthy, Employed Striving, Achieving, Believing
And this is why you are wrong At what cost will this affect them? Compared to what? What hard evidence do you have? I don't mean to put you on the spot? Senator? Senator?
  It is a cold world out there, and there are many people going sick. I do not want to leave this world without making a difference to other precious lives.
There is a job for which I will do anything. There is a job for which I would struggle everyday to obtain.There is a job for which my entire life is aimed at obtaining. What is this job that demands my attention so?
What do I want to be?Listen close, and you'll see.I wanna help people,I wanna make a difference.Touch their lives,
Since the age of five, I've known and I've tried, To help others in need.   "Oh doctor, doctor  Please give me some water" --I know who I want to be.   I've always cared about others,
A life for a life They change mine And I'll change theirs  They'll make me some kind of hero Their strength will make me stronger   My plan is bigger than social work
I would walk this  secret path, that no one could see, my signature sound, would make my enemies flee.   My aim  would stay straight, and my hand would be  steady, for when my country calls,
The (a)bouts of illness were pain full, excrusheating, difficult to live through. She fell(ed hopes), built up, and fell(ed) again. Through time she became my
Tie dye is pretty cool A tie dye shop would be pretty coolMainly on the beach 
Look around!  What do you see? The good of man-kind? or the wickedness of humans? Life? or death? For justice could take many forms and shapes, but there must be the choosen few to shape it into something more than a mere blob.
As a Caribbean-American I am forever comitted to the hyphen,
Age 4 You can become anything Nothing is stopping you A firefighter, a teacher, a dentist
Commercials and motivational speakers make you dream But it's really up to you to put the dream in action Chase your dream till it becomes your reality, Sometimes it seems so far out of our reach
I remember my first comic book  Watchmen - I was skeptical. Superheroes could't be intellectual. But now i've read it seven times There's always something new to look at
How are we so comfortable? This earth, this tree of life, one great cosmic network, slowly suffocating, struggling to breathe, to flourish, to provide, this world gives us nothing but unconditional love
Ever since I was litte And I mean really REALLY little I have been in love with the ocean I lived in southern California With it's beautiful beaches, and beautiful waters And I loved the beach too
My dream job would be to program, be a part of Google. Help lead future innovation, robots of the future.   Education is a must,  four years in college to advance. Learn about programming,
As a traveling nurse, I would witness such a wide range of cultures and traditions, from Korea's fashion sense to Spain's Flamenco festivals.
She stands in the middle looking on Surveying another queen's domain Careful of the feline eyes that follow her The royalty so briefly locked away   She is the ever-watchful caretaker
I want to work Where the wind takes me   I want to work Where my efforts can help others   I want to work Where I can be enriched by new cultures Meet new people
The one job that may change my life, The dream job I want to Change my life, soccer a pro soccer player one with skills like no other, win titles like no other, Be as good as no other. Be myself without no other,
The hot sun drenched us, warm sweat rolled down my cheeks the shovel was getting heavy my arms were getting weak but if that ditch taught me one thing, it's the power of a job
I never wanted anything, Of this cold and dark space, Accept to make my way through it,
There was no real winter in the desert. As children, we would stair at the sky And wish that the small white flakes would  Fall from the heavens and kiss our faces, Like they did for the children on tv.  
I'm not a Hippie I just want to make others Happy. It will be difficult to study and to not party hard in college. To graduate is just an expensive privilege to be acknowledged.
People make connections, families, ties, My dream job would be to help preserve, save lives. Working with patients in foreign beds, Helping them fix things they feel are in their heads.  
From coast to coast, From Heathrow to JFK, I'd run to each terminal just in time to save my day   Screwed up internal clock, The source of this jet lag Well, it wouldn't be such a drag  
I want to change the world There is no simpler task All that is required Is the courage to wear a mask     Intellegence is key In stopping the killing spree
There's a light at the end Of this tunnel of trusses And bridges to cross By taxi and busses But somebody has to Design it all first That master's degree - It makes my mind thirst  
Year after year, class after class, A dull grey ooze of shapeless mass, Squishes through one sleepy ear, But out the other to disappear. Oh, how I wish it were not true,
Day after Day Hour after Hour Time rolls by I'm one step closer Yet so far behind I can see the light  At the end of the tunnel And I'm almost there It's my light My own path
Dust in the airGlaze creating a glare.
I believe in myselfbut why can't they?photography is my cup of teathey just disagree that's not a real job they stateall of this hate
Ain’t been many jobs I’ve thought I’d like to have, In fact there’s only one I love that I’ve seen, And you know it happens to be directing, film making, It’s putting movies up on the silver screen.
Sitting on the dusty ground; looking, eyes scanning, always prowling for the little black speck. The little black speck that shows life was here, Here fifty million years have passed,
broken young weak ill alone not worth breathing anymore a warmth comes in the cold white coat gentle hands nourishes cares hope        
I've gone through everything. Encouragement; Discouragement. Praise; Ridicule. Advice; Sabotage. You name it, my art has felt it. Then, an opportunity, a chance! A risk, a gamble.
I was a woman drowning in my own tears, bound by the chains of my own depression. No one around to listen to my story and be the ear to my painful confessions.
My dream job is to work in childcare I desire to be children's support in life before they go off into the "real world" My dream job is to work in childcare I feel the need to help other children suceed in life
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" "An artist," I innocently answered my parents at four years of age. "What do you want to be in the future?"
There's no jobs labelled in neat letters that fit me,
Jobs, Money, Economy, Scarcity. They're all things that control how people view ones life, looks, and ethnicity.
Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, Help yourself and I can help as well. I'll be your dental hygienest And you will be the patient. The patient that changed my life With your shiny teeth and you.   
My mother always taught me, That your career shouldnt be a job It shouldnt be where your miserable
I could fly a plane,  I could be a chef,
Since I was six, I had a computer.   Computers were so strange. Words and pictures come with a click, Words and numbers I summoned. Soon the computer was an extension.  
"What do you want to do when you get older?"
One life. One child. One woman. One dream. One job. One heart. A heart that rhythmically beats and accelerates, accelerates at the thought of being a healer,
Since the start of my senior year I had a plan.
They say one job could change me life. Change my situation. Change my family. Change my heart. Change my look. Change my friends. Change my relationships. Change my goals.
For the love of music I need to share it's quality. It brought me a friend and to save a soul.
Ive come to a point and i have stuck
Filmmaking: Why I Now Have a Story
I hold within my brain incredible power, The power to hurt, the power to learn,
Persistence is thisodd thing.It pushes us past our limits—it is an unpresedenceof our capabilities. It is fueled by a why and produces a legacy.
Just a year old when he had his first surgery  Doctors swarmed around him to fix his valve and artery
Oh how I'm looking forward to the future But what if I FAIL? I don't want to be a Loser But only tie will tell  What if I get a job an I don't like it? I guess I won't know until I try it
Life is full of suprises Whether we like it or not We will always have our ups and downs We will always have people that don't want to see us succeed in life
We're all born the same, but we're all not brought up the same. We're all here, yet our only purpose isn't to exist... it's to co-exist. Let's gravitate towards each other, with a helping hand extended.  
Helping victims that have been stabbed with a knife, That's the kind of job I want to change a life. Helping the ones who have been hurt and abused, That's the job I choose. Putting away those child molesters 
Basketball or maybe even football,Two of my most favorite sports,Two of the jobs i would love to do,Running the field or playing on the court. 
I can paint a picture without my hands. I can sing a song without my lips. I can see another world without my eyes. Inside my mind, my dreams run wild. Money and fame seem so mild.
I am a homeless manenraged at all the voices. A shotgun is in my hand. The hordes are never noiseless. I swear it’s all a game, I can feel that they control me. Never meant to bring them here,
Pain and suffering surrounds us all, The fog of hurt encompasses the air. We struggle to get by but we constantly see ourselves fall. Our pain lies in our mind, heart, body, and soul.
Little kids want to be movie stars and astronauts,I just want to be the difference. The difference between despair and hope,The helping hand you never knew you needed. 
A life to change a mind to grow what a job can give to you   everyone holds their dream close hoping and wishing for that future   for me it's speaking
  I sit alone. Half my face in the light. Silence is golden. In it I write. Carving up beauty from letters of might. Lost in the lines. Is it day? Is it night?
One smile may lift my spirit; One class enhance my knowledge. One job may change my life With the essential assistance of college.   I posses the hands of an artist, but throughout the past few years,
  My ultimate dreamy job is to be a traveling journalist/author writing short stories and the like. Every week I'm in a different lavish hotel, my rooms paid for by a 
  I have a dream  A dream that could terminate the dangers of a forgotten generation  That one day I can go home to find that my fixation of a land blazing with life is not dead
For years I've stood longing, waiting just outside the door, hoping for an education, dreaming of something more.   I want to work for Google, as a software engineer,
Lights,Camera,Action When film can make emotion It can change your life.  
The sciences are mostly seen as male-dominated right? Well this woman will shed some light,
Do you know That the universe Millions of lights Glowing bright From such a height  Is in someone As small as me As small as you As big as us 
Nothing I would love more than to see the world and explore. Through a lens I'd capture it all, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This life I would love to live I have so much more that I can give....
High school education, College education. Find what you love, Discover new things.   Be what you want to be, You can do anything. Don't make the same mistakes as me,
One life to live out,thousands of lives to influence.Can I weave words and soundsand perchance make a difference?
I try to live my life with certain themes. Now I would like to give you a little piece of me. I am ready to learn the skills On how to dispense the proper pills. I want to make an impaction
Lights, camera, action 60 minutes of tough, hardcore, gridiron action.  And there I stand, taking it all in.  Focusing and analyzing each play, remember highlights  and memorizing stats.
Hidden by giants, covered by shadows Relied upon yet overlooked  Smallest of the elite, but carrying the largest load Such is the life of an NFL kicker.  
I'M SORRY, I'M NOT LIKE YOU   i'm NOT like YOU OR ANYONE, i am who i'm meant to be I AM ME. I will NEVER HURT anOtheR person by CALLing them NAMES THAT iS just not HOW I WAS RAISED.
Fingers flash, lightning speed Data arrays upon the screen Functions, numbers, strings galore Erupt from a mind so keen   An amateur might get  weary From viewing a screen so bright
Fingers flying to write the words sung in my mind Releasing a thousand hearts into the world Their stories to tell and their tales to become The record of their world. A thousand people a thousand stories
All my dream jobs allow me to create. To please the mobs who do not wish to imitate.   I, a fashion designer could sew my dreams into something finer, creating my dreams through seams.
as i picked up my dad's guitar  i thought "yeah, i got this" and i wowed the audience with a flawless rendition of puff the magic dragon drawing my influences from the 1973 gibson itself  
Do you ever wonder what it's like to have your dream job? You sit in your bed thinking on and on, What is my dream job?    If  you were me and I was you, maybe we'd have the same dream too
Je suis Américaine Si vous pouvaiez voir, mes français est.... eh.  Je ne comprende les accents ou le grammaire française bein. De temps en temps, j'ai de problemes avec trouvé mon mots Mon accent est terrible
Create a new world  Bring your charecters to life  Live to animate
Applications, Essays, Letters of Recommendation. Hours,  Hours, Hours of work. Work that makes my eyes blurry  Or fingers cramp.    For what exactly? 
If there was one job;  To change my life; I would be a Gamer; Until I die.   The thrill of the chase;  The glee of victory; Immersed in story and mystery.  
A student seeking money am I. To write a poem I will try A career to investigate That will ultimately liberate The author from his misery Trapped inside a dead end job Working from six to three.
If I had a job A perfect one, hopefully in a couple of years It would be As a nuclear pharmacist, finding disease   Pharmacy is a long journey Six years of study I don't mind, I don't care
What makes a dream careerTo each his ownFor we all differIn what makes us feel at home
One job... may change my life.  One person... may change my life. One child... may change my life. One patient... may change my life. One word... may change my life. One cell... may change my life.
In front of thousands of people I had a dream I was singing With my guitar close at hand What an amazing feeling But gosh what a feeling Live performances take courage What is music
I live for my art. My skills don't set me apart,  but they flow, through my pen, from my heart. It's embodiment, I have been from the start. A hollow vessel would remain if it ever depart.
I'm perplexed by dreams of haunting indescretions I've never needed anyone else in this world When I close my eyes is when I feel the disconnection You could find someone better... You could be appreciated
One type of job that could change my life is being able to be a psychologist so that be able to one day open a foster house, which is my dream.
IF there was a job, that could change your life, what would you say.   Wouldnt that persuade you to achieve your dream, I mean, who wouldnt want better for themselves   Isnt that why we're here
i've always been a writer i know characters more than myself vivid fantasies in my head will become realities on the screen, i want to be a screenwriter. movies may not cure cancer
Awareness The knowledge of the world around us To figure out the mysteries Create a bigger island I visualize myself Expanding our horizons I'll expand the list I'm Carlos, The Physicist
At home, in my sock drawer, I keep a piglet notebook. About halfway through, I have my first worded entry, cappuccino.
Twelve   Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous,   Who knew you could ever live in a world so perfect.  I mean cruel. 
With my wild imagination as a child, I thought about what I wanted to be, A princess, maybe a doctor, Perhaps a lawyer or even a writer, The possibilties were endless, The ideas enchanted me.  
Eyes like a shutter Mind like a lense I capture the memories so that they don't fade or blend
Run that extra mile, Pick up those and move them to that pile. Keep up that pace, The goal of this is to finish your race! You look tired, you seem sore But you have to keep giving it more.
Each and every day they say, "You can't do this or that, no way." But still I stand, my dreams in my hand. Not letting their words define me or create me,
When we go walk through the woods we build ourselves like the trees that surround us. 
if aptitude is handed down with freckles and my scoliosis, then surely I am my mother’s daughter. I learned early to correct my friends’ theres, theirs, and they’res— later I came to understand
Science is an international study Enriching our lives,  Making us better Go to the doctor and get a prescription But who made that medicine, Who tested it, Who was behind "the cure"?  
Call me a teacherAnd I will smileI'm not there yetBut that's my goalI want to create smilesOn childrens facesOnce they enter my class room
One Job May Change My Life   From the hours of studying To clinicals and tests Passing my exams And only giving my best   Applying for jobs has never been harder
I hope my future is looking bright Sometimes I am not really sure It can look as dark as nght Or like an open door.   I always work my hardest At school, on the field, or at Maguire's
A job is not simply an occupation, For the name makes it seem so obligatory and mundane. There is not better job for the 90,360 hour duration
I remember being a little boy and playing with dolls. The girls I played with welcomed me with open arms, even asking me to do their Barbie's hair or to style their My Scene doll's clothes. The boys on the other hand made fun of me.
In the halls of my mind, I see. I see vibrant vistas, colorful characters, and wonderful worlds, I see violent villains, ferocious fights, and saddening struggles.  I hold dearly the inventions of a wandering imagination,
Escaping reality to enter a dream, where Nothing seems impossible, Getting up every morning to contribute to the Innovative future, creating New technologies that will carry on for generations.
Sometimes it takes more than one One job Two jobs Three jobs
With all the confusion and noise, We are trying to find  an escape.  A dark room full with one source of light, sharing with us solutions  to our problems, answers to our questions,
What if I travled the world? No, I want more. What if I showed my world the real world around them? What if it were just me A camera and some luggage In a warzone maybe
I sat in class thinking it was easy While everyone else failed out. The next year I decided            To take the AP route. I did extra work And took a state-wide test;
Sensational, musical, vibrations fill my ears. The acoustics of the world around me changes with every step.
Not being able to hear.     Not being able to see.          This does not mean you are usless and weak.                      You are still normal to me.                      And I wish to teach you.
As a little girl, I was told by my brothers not to cry We played sports and they didn't play fair But I kept playing Injuries happened and I found I am not an athlete But events showed me I could manage
Many languages I will speak,Lessons are what I seek.To succeed in future careers,First I must join my college peers.
Where do I see myself in three years that's always a popular question hopefully not the base of a students fears since I usually use a happy expression   But first i have to finish college
To be an Engineer must be surrealIt's the blueprint to a science that we can never see or feelIt's almost unfair what a little math can unveilStructures so necessary yet beautifully created for appeal
If I could have a job, what would it be? Would it be the highest chair in my original corportation or the MTV broadcaster for Jenn and Justin's separation? Would I travel the world to photograph earth's beauty?
Imagine swimming in the clear blue waters of Skiathos, Greece, or observing the Mayan temples, even if they're only in piece; Reading the love letters Juliet's wall has come to receive,
I like to help What should I choose?
I am but simple, feeble, and small; but through what I build, I can inspire a light in others of infinite fire. i am but plain, but I can make great and tall, a image of wonder to spark in all
Spark! I can see the spark Come from the eyes and radiate Giving thought Emotion Inspiration All to those eyes in dark Dulled by the world outside I was that Those dull eyes
From sketch to full rendering,
I’ve always dreamt about it. Working at E! I know it’ll be hard. I’ll finish school and get that degree. Hopefully I’ll also travel the world and get my experience. I’ve always dreamt about E! I know I can make it there if I work hard enough.
Flour, Sugar, Eggs and Butter Batter in my Silver Mixer. Flashbacks to my days of whisking random items in my Nanny's kitchen. Green beans, cinnamon, buttermilk, ketchup
A dream job? Could eye be an artist? Eye often thought of myself as having a unique viewpoint, but dont we all? Could eye be an archeoligist?
Let me write for you. Absorb my words and remember my name. Search for me through the pages of the black and white print. Adopt what you like of mine, Compliment my style.
I was going to be a vet for as long as i can remember, I was decided, convinced, wanted to be a member. Animals were my thing, And the money was nice. There really was no reason to ever think twice.
No matter the age the stories the same Wanting a change that is bigger than our current game Dreaming of a greater life for us and our loved ones The obvious answer is that obtainable dream  
I wanted to help the animalsI wanted to save the planet.I kept changing my mind& I didn't understand it.
We hunger and we thirst.Everyone needs to eat. In the kitchen I stand,I cook to serve the hungry. This job will sustain them,Keeping them alive. But they don't know,This job has changed my life.
As the sun was starting to rise on a nice summer day, she woke up. Battling breast cancer, she always kept a smile on her face, but hold up. Changes were about to occur, and maybe not for the best.
I watch my pops get up for work Sunday, too, no time for church Eight hour shifts, back to back He doesn't know how to relax Change my life? No cheats, no thrills I just want a job to pay the bills
One job may change my life That job is Psychology Sitting in a room with a child Helping them work throug their probems Making a differnce in their life That is my dream job
There is that one job The job that could change it all That could make me soar To add numbers all day and find their flaws This one dream of mine To be an accountant I shall have to go to school
My dream is to be what most imagine its what most could only dream of what you see in movies.  No my dream is not to be an actor.  My dream is to be a Combat search and rescue doctor 
Music pulsatesin time with my heartresonating through my bloodrattling my bonesWords flowthrough my fingertipsdripping inkstaining pagesIf I could writeabout music
A Dream job, What is it? What is this dream job, That has me cornered so?   Is it the magic of the pen, That scribbles on my soul; Or is it the idea's of imagination,
I wanted to serve others meaning people other than me to let them know  that they are so much more than their disease but how can I show them this love that I have so eagerly to give
One Job, may change my life take away worries, And end all this strife. How do I know what is best for me? how do I know my destiny? "Figure it out" "you should've known sooner"
Peace is very two dimensional , There comes happiness, And there comes sacrifice, With peace you have to make a sacrifice to achieve happiness, Whether you accept it is your choice,
 The one job that will change my life. That one and only job will be the one I have always dreamed of. Veterinarian Technology.
So, I'm sitting here thinking about growing up.  It's so hard to believe, it's so abrupt.  Working hard,  striving for success.  That one job, you'd believe its the best. 
One job may change my life This dream job will not cause me strife Living in a big city; Somewhere very pretty.   With that one skyscraper, Where I will be the editor of a paper
"Hello Ms. Perkins" "Why, hello, Tom" "Hey, can you determine--" "Sorry I'm on the run" "To where, are you going?" "Somewhere to help someone" "Is it China for exploring?"
Create – such a big word. Help – a command to go make a difference. How do we connect the two? How could gentle brush strokes on a canvas,
One of the best things in the world, It's an unseen beauty Closeing your eyes makes it worth it all Magical is an understatement   A kiss is like a new born baby,  Soft and delicate.
Growing up a spoiled child, unknowingly. Struggling with degree in hand to find herself.  Struggling with second degree in hand to find her career. Stumbling upon the life of a poverty-stricken self, unknowingly.
The worried looks a diagnosis
I have a dream. One of great proportions And ultimate adventure. I dream to travel the world. All of it. For the rest of my life. Exploring, Adventuring, Dreaming Forever.
When asked what I am going to do when I grow up I have a spitfire answer
People may imagine my dream job as grotesque, But I preceive the other side, The curiosity of the crime scene, pumps adrenaline through my psyche.   I, of course, talk of criminal illness,
Separation of Families, By those elite that portray false hope. To dishearten souls across the Florida Strait,
It is said that repeating the same task over and expecting different results is the definiton of crazy. But if one repeats the same task over from preschool to college expecting success, would they define us as crazy too?
She grabs a magazine and looks inside All these "perfect women" fill the contents A false reality seen with her eyes Comparing herself to literal nonsense   The flawless faces photoshopped to perfection
History has shaped the way we feel, think, and act. Time heals most things, but it doesn't change the past. Many people today, African-Americans especially Have done many things that just aren't necessary.
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