When I first set my eyes on an animal.I KNEW.

When I first touched one. I KNEW

When I first spoke the words out my mouth. I KNEW.

When I first wrote. I KNEW.

When the question was asked to me. I knew.

&& i couldn't wait to answer because I KNEW.

That a veternarian is what I want to be.

Everyone says work with something you love?

But this is a loving addiction

The high I get with seeing a dog wag its tail after being treated

Is amazing

Seeing a cat emaciated til near death..then being brought back..& purring

Puts a warmth in me that no one else can do

I know this is what I need. 

Touching a dog or cat even makes my day

The road is tough to become one

& I got knocked down

But I got back up..with a bigger rush to do what I want..scratch that NEED to be. 

& i'm pushing so I can become a veternarian to witness the high forever

It's all because I KNEW.

I KNEW this one job is for me.

Dr. Rose is what I KNOW. I AM GOING TO BE.


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