Psychiatry - One Job May Change My Life

I stare at my wrists

Blood dripping red

Trying to drive

the demons from my head


Do I jump

Do I stand

On edge waiting

With a blade in my hand


I want to live

But I can't, so I'll die

But darling sweathart

You didn't even try


I want no one else

To go through this pain

I want to give up

But it's all in vain


I have to live

To help those at the bottom

Reaching for the light

With no one to stop them


I've died many deaths

I've shed a tear

But it's all because

I have a fear


That society's lost

In perfect and how not to lose

That they don't notice

Those in the corner tying a noose


No one to save them

No one to care

But that might be because

There's nobody there


I want to help

Please send me in

Please God you know

That I know where they've been


Adolescent years

come with love drama and

staying up late for a test 

in class you can't stand


We all know the motions

and how it goes

but some can deal with it

and some we don't know


Some heroes are strangers

But I know where they're from

And some save damsels

But I save the generation to come



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