Musical Blossum


Trotting daringly through the meadows of flowers

I feel the pulse beneath my feet

Frolicking with the whisp of the wind

I hear it stirring

Bringing me closer and closer until suddenly

I kneel

The most delicate blossum

The gentle surface beneath my fingertips

I press it beneath my nose and

Inhale its essence

Breathing in the world of music

With everyday the blossum lied connected to the Earth

It flowed. Blooming within the flow of the air

Whistling aloud to the other flowers in the meadow

As if to awaken them to dance

Awaken them to live in bliss


Sway from east to west


Swoosh with the beat of the feet moving around it


Sweeten the scent of the wispful wind

This world pouring inside of me

This world in just one little blossum

Room to grow into, but room to be grown onto

With a world bigger than itself

It's managed to be contained in one flower

I am the blossum




It's such a sweet poem :) made me smile. Good job. 

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