Rainy days



Drift amuck in a waterless world

Catching on to anything

Within hand’s grasp


We strive to find purpose

To stake our land

To hold our place

To say “we were here”


But when the world’s

A raging torrent,

And holding on is a feat in itself

Clinging to philosophies comes second

To holding our own heads above water


But the only way

to feel alive, to feel significant

to pursue a job

worth the effort made


Is too be a life vest

Thrown across the way

A hand willing to help

 when need’s a hand-grasp away


Because it makes all the difference

to be able to say

I helped somebody

on their rainy day.


while skyscrapers rise

scraping the heavens of all their gold and taste

the greatest wealth of all

is knowing you can't be replaced


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