Elevate the Artform

I remember my first comic book 

Watchmen - I was skeptical.

Superheroes could't be intellectual.

But now i've read it seven times

There's always something new to look at

A character in the background of a panel

A seemingly throwaway line of dialogue


I was always artistic before, but not a creator

Those are very different things

One can copy pictures - draw a cup, a cat, a cartoon character

The other builds worlds.

I want to create my own universe inside the pages of a book

Multilayered - plot, people, pictures, words

Something that will convince people like me

That comics are art 

Just as pretty as Monet 

as witty as Vonnegut

as iconic as Pulp Fiction

and ten times as engrossing


I want to be one of the artists people name as an inspiration

And also one of the writers.

I want to create the novel you can't put down

And the drawing you can't tear your eyes from

All in one.



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