"One Job...May Change My Life"

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 16:58 -- dmonet4
All I really know
is that my favorite color has always been blue.
As I have grown up in life
it was the sea and the sky that I intrigued me.
Now as I have gotten older
I can see the real meaning behind the truth.
It is that the ocean is for me.
But not just for me.
It is our job to take care
of more than just the land.
This "other" world
has its creatures too.
That is why I feel
it is my passion and destiny
to become a marine biologist.
I will learn about the ocean
about what it does for us
and what we can do for it.
I will teach others to enjoy
and to have fun with the aquatic life.
We will respect what the ocean offers
and we will offer it our respect.
Unselfishly, I believe this one job
will not only change my life and
that of humans,
but of those in the ocean without a voice too.
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