Mental Illness Is Everyone's Problem


“Wow, what a psycho”

Says the girl sitting next to me.

How clever she is

Laughing at the uncontrollable misfortune of others.


Sitting next to this girl

Is me

Picking away at the flesh that covers my fingertips

I feel ashamed


...For a second


And then it takes everything in me not to scream at her:

"If you don’t shut up,

Bitch I’ll show you psycho:


Look at the never healing skin on my fingers

Look at how I can’t go to sleep most nights 

Because of my need to peel away the dead me


Look at the scars that cover my body

Look at the darkness that consumes me

Look at six year old me

Wishing she were dead.”


But I stay quiet

Because I know that one day

One day she will understand


Mental illness is everyone’s problem.


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