One Job...May Change Somebody Else's Life


America's highways are all Route 66 America's highways are all Route 666
Why'd the hobo cross the road--to get the other side
Dotted yellow line a new kind of divide
Thumb out, took his last free ride
Loosing his life was easier than loosing his pride
But it happens nationwide
Providers can't provide 
We associate joblessness with homelessness 
And see that suicide is easier than sleeping sewer side
Hoover High: upper middle class 
Couldn't withstand a stock market crash
A man in his allotment wore a rope like his tie
Why'd a man with a savings account die?
Now 2 of my classmates, fatherless
Suicide's reverb, sonorous 
I live in a town that glorifies a hated president 
Company, called Hoover--after our dissident 
hoovervilles, his name bore the hobo settlement 
The companies name forshadowed it as epithet
Outsourcing became progressions impediment 
Standing At the off ramp asking for change 
The window transaction, the pitty exchange 
But they might be asking for more than spare change?
Is Sam Cookes request all that strange? 
We're praying for Gods hand, he's watching our own 
Waiting for harvest that has never been sown
If you haven't a hay penny then "God bless you"
But pennies don't "fall from heaven" they come from you 
If churches were taxed the same as a business
The Food Stamps program would be paid by the religious
If they took their tithes outside to bear witness
Maybe they could stop inciting the seditious 
Obama Care, Welfare, Medicare, Healthcare 
It's a better way of life for those everywhere 
It's more than the avoidance of suffering 
It's the pursuit of happiness
But we wait for the church offering 
To help the hapless
Jobs can mean the difference of life and death
For some it's worth their last breath
My dream calls me to be an advocate 
To fight for rights that are adequate 
To be a politician, fight the opressor
I refuse to stand town to the transgressor
Instead of praying and calling them greedy
My hand an extension of God's for the needy


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