Yellow Brick Road

My yellow brick road is outlined

with lunch boxes, drying art projects,

and embellished surfaces.

Hundreds of little feet

stamp, skip and scurry

along this path everyday.

I meet extraordinay people along the way.

My red slippers are comfy sneakers

to keep me on my toes,

to be vivacious and active,

keeping my students close.

My purpose is found in the laughing, echoing halls

and exposed in the decorated walls.

My passion lies in the smilles of my students

with their questions and calls.

These children are our future.

My love of learning will shine from my heart

because this is what I was made to do.

I want to inspire students,

and for them to inspire each other.

We will walk the yellow brick road together

overcoming obstacles, making connections,

and uncovering knowledge like a buried treasure.

My yellow brick road will never come to an end.

It will curve, crumble, twist, and bend.

It will always take me where I want to be.

Becoming a teacher is my destiny.











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